RNC Recap Day 4 – It’s over!!!!!

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Last night I cried.  The RNC was finally over and this dirt bag assignment was completed.  Listen, the reason I was selected for this is because I’m the republican registered voter in the company, but that doesn’t mean I have to like things.  Most of you know by now, I don’t like a lot of things.

So after 4 days of yapping, protests, Ted Weddings, and what not – just what did we learn?  I’ll break them down in my final edition of Three Takeaways:

Trump can Talk

He played on people’s fears, people’s ideals of what a government should do, and took Hillary Clinton to task.  In front of the frenzied republican crowd, it worked.  He had everyone eating out of his hands and his speech was so captivating that the Hillary camp immediately went to Twitter to get ahead of it.  Listen, if she thought he wasn’t a real opponent, she would’ve been silent.  Instead, she had her people go to war because she knows her position isn’t as strong as it could be.

#TrumpTrain or whatever it is his supporters do.

The Election Going Forward

Last night and Hillary’s rebuttal proved that this is going to get harsh and personal – fast.  We’re going to hear about emails, and kickbacks, and failed business ventures, and everything from now until November.  I’m pretty sure both camps will skip the mudslinging and go straight for the rock hurling.  And heaven help the people who don’t like either candidate (like me).  There’s going to be heavy pressure by the radicals and that’s just not cool.

Voldemort vs. Umbridge – No one wins

There’s an old saying that the lesser of two evils is better.  Why, they are both still evil.  Nothing that happened over these four days has convinced me Trump is the man for America.  I thought his kids were well spoken and informative, but the speeches by Ted Cruz (the Ted Wedding as it is being called) and by Paul Ryan spoke volumes with how little they mentioned Trump by name.

And I don’t need to cover the DNC (that’s on you Jeff!) to know that nothing Hillary can say will get me in her camp.  Her checkered past speaks for itself and I just don’t trust the woman.  So yeah, we’ve got Voldemort vs. Umbridge for the sake of the presidency.  This ain’t going to be good.


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One Response to RNC Recap Day 4 – It’s over!!!!!

  1. jefftrel says:

    I will drink to that! It’s over. And I’m also going to start drinking to prepare myself for the DNC.


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