Epic Interviews! with Jeremy – Jack has a guest?!

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::Jeff is walking around back stage with a guest, his friend Brad::

Jeff:  And that’s the tour.  Not too shabby around here is it?

Brad:  Not at all!  I mean Shawn said the production was low quality, but I think he’s just mad Jeremy never believed him about the ghost stories.

Jeff:  Well Jeremy is a hard headed skeptic.  And sometimes you’ll just never –

::Jack comes running out from around the set::

Jack:  Dude!  I did it!

Jeff:  You finally fixed the microphone?  Well it was ratings gold while it lasted…

Jack:  No, not that, I booked THE BEST GUEST EVER!

Jeff:  (slaps Jack on the back of the head) I’m the production manager and I book the guests, man!  That’s why Brad is here today, to give us a more scientific look at ghost hunting and how it works.

::Jeremy walks in holding a mug that says Election 2016 – We’re All Screwed::

Jeremy:  What’s all the commotion?

Jeff:  Apparently we’re double booked – both Jack and I have special guests today.

Jack:  Jeff just has another ghost guy, but I did something fantastic.  I have us a bona fide legend.

Brad:  Just another ghost guy?  I have proven facts backing me –

Jeremy:  Ho ho!  That’s what I’m talking about! (high fives Jack)  You are the best production hand of all time!

Jeff:  Let’s not fool ourselves, the guy he replaced wasn’t exactly “wonderful.”

Jack:  Don’t ruin this for me, Jeff.  I’ve never had a compliment before.

Jeremy:  Enough with the backstage antics, let’s get on to the show.

::skipping over first part and right into the intro to the second guest::

Jeremy:  Welcome back to Epic Interviews! with Jeremy.  Our first guest, Brad, was going on and on about ghosts again, but now that we’re done with that nonsense, it’s time for our surprise second guest.  I’ve been promised this is a legend, so without further interruption, let’s see who it is!

::a tall blonde lady walks out, dressed like royalty walks out::

Brad:  Oh my lord, who is that?

Mystery woman:  My name is Ella, though you may know me by another name…

Jeremy:  Holy s&*! did Jack actually book Cinderella for the show?

Ella:  That is one of my names, but I prefer jut to be called Ella.

Jeremy:  So Miss Ella, what brings you to our little show today?

Ella:  I have been told this program is an outlet to get my story out.

Jeremy:  Of course it is.  But please don’t let me interrupt you, tell the audience what you need them to hear.

Ella:  By now most of you know the tales based on my life, but you do not know the truth.  I implore each of you to seek out the true story of my life, one filled with monsters, ghosts, and pure evil.  There were unsung heroes and tragedy and I am tired of those being pushed to the shadows because they are not a ‘good story.’

Jeremy:  Monsters, ghosts, and pure evil?

Ella:  I know it is hard to believe in such things, yet my friend John and I witnessed so much.  The evil of the Tremaines knew no bounds.  So yes Mr. Jeremy, monsters, ghosts, and pure evil once plagued this land.

Jeremy:  I knew it!  I was just telling Brad here about ghosts being real and he was a tad bit skeptical…

Brad:  Say what?

Ella:  (turns to Brad) I can assure you, sir, that those things truly do exist.

Brad:  That’s not even tr…

Jeremy:  Brad, we don’t need your negativity.  Miss Ella, where can our viewers find the true story?  There has to be a place to discover the truth.

Ella:  There is, though I am hesitant to say a loud.  Years have passed since I have laid my own eyes upon it, to relive the tragedy would break my heart.

Jeremy:  Tell you what, you write it down for me and I’ll have Jeff add it in after the show.

Ella:  Thank you.

Brad:  I can’t believe you tossed me under the bus like that!

Jeremy:  Speaking of, we’ve hit the time limit again.  I’d like to thank Ella for stopping by and I guess Brad too.  Epic Band!, play us off!

*Wait, when did we hire a band?  Ughhh – anyways, if you’re interested in hearing the truth behind the legend, Jeremy tasked me with giving out the link.  Well, here it is, included in this anthology of stories: https://www.amazon.com/Twisted-Sinful-Stories-Morganna-Williams-ebook/dp/B01FWZYU26/.  You’ll even meet the other special guest Brad in one of the stories too!  How cool is that?  Hang on, I’m being told the story is free this week too.  Shut the front door, I’m going to go get it myself! – Jeff, the production manager

**Visit the Two Dudes’ website at http://ucfgk04.wix.com/twodudesbrewsbooks



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