The Next Negative Man Web Series! (spoilers)

Two Dudes

A Two Dudes, Brews, & Books Special Announcement

As most of you know, one of the things I like to do with The Negative Man is add supplemental material to get you through the months that lead up to the next book.  Last time, from City of Chaos to Stormfall, there were two: Project Jericho and Rise of the Lion.  This time, there will only be one, but it’s going to get double the issues.

(If you haven’t read Stormfall and want to keep the surprises, stop reading)

In a twenty part event, this time, the story is going to focus on The Negative Man’s lead gal, Heather Adams, and what happens in the three year gap from the end of the story to the very last page where Jericho wakes up in Black Lagoon.  Want to see the story’s cover?  Me too…

Detonation Games Cover

Cover by 67 Studios Production

Yep – Detonation Games.  That sounds like a real good time doesn’t it?  New supers are going to be featured and by the end, we’ll be led right up to the point of the start of the third book… oh you thought I was going to tell you the title.  Not just yet – I’ve got to save some surprises, so the publisher tells me.

Each issue will be featured on the blog every Thursday starting in September (the 6th to be exact).  From there, we’ll begin building it up as #NegativeManThursday, so besides the story, the blog will include contests, trivia, and much more.

But Jeremy, we’ve come so far, can’t you give us one more taste?  Anything?  Oh okay, since you asked nicely, here’s the first paragraph to Detonation Games.

A year ago was the day I lost everything. The people of Pacific Station refer to it as Liberation Day, the day that The Morning Lynx defeated The Negative Man on the CW Poseidon.  Rumors were he either died from the effects of the Stormfall or he was being held prisoner in Black Lagoon; either way Jericho was no longer the stable influence in my life.  Without him, I had no reason to keep on living.

I’m excited.  Are you?


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