Democratic National Convention Day 3


Two Dudes

Guess who’s back? Back again. DNC’s back, tell a friend….

Last night was day three of the Democratic National Convention in the city of Brotherly Love. And pretty much for the first time in the three nights there, they said the name of the boogeyman. No, not the creature under your kid’s bed or the WWE wrestler that used to eat worms and smash clocks. Someone scarier. Donald Trump!

Tim Kaine, vice president nominee of the party, openly mocked Trump. Maybe it was stooping a little to his level, but he did bring up excellent points in what he said. After almost all of The Donald’s bold claims, he usually says “Believe me”. He went on to say ‘It’s hard to believe someone who hasn’t released his tax returns like every other candidate in the modern era. What’s Donald hiding?”

But Kaine was hardly the keynote speaker of the night…

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