BoyzNite Blog Tour Gets Two Minutes in The Penalty Box!


Law school wonder student Ian Peters chronicles his first night home for the summer in Piedmont, Washington. What starts with a pleasant drive up the Pacific Northwest Coast leads him into a night of self discovery, contemplative self-assessment, and ultimately the question of what kind of man does he want to be? Along the way, he reconnects with friends, family, and an old flame who changes his world forever.

What started as a typical night of partying quickly becomes BoyzNite .


BoyzNite Excerpt:
Ronny Van Zant once sang, “Don’t ask me no questions, and I won’t tell you no lies.” Now, that’s probably the most poetic way of saying ‘be careful what you wish for.’ And I would be lying if I said I had some idea of how that summer would go. Lynyrd Skynyrd albums in my earbuds and a cracked iPhone screen kept me going the end of that semester.

I remember that last afternoon walking the causeways of Webley Hall. Law school is boring, competitive, and political, so when Dad and Karen invited me to come home for the summer, I took it as a sign from God that I needed a break. The last class of the semester let out, and I was on the road before the lunch rush at In-N-Out Burger.

The drive itself I only remember in pieces. Piermont isn’t far once you hit the Oregon/Washington border. I always take the coastal highway home. It adds a couple hours, but it’s prettier than taking I-5 all the way from Berkeley. As the tree line along the highway thickened, I felt the somnambulant change in my spirit take hold. People who’ve never seen the Oregon coast won’t understand. It’s as if memory and dream come together, beckoning even the simplest of folks to just come home. Come as you are. Those words mean much more up here than anywhere else.

After the army, my old man never left Piermont. Mom did. She had her reasons, but Karen and Dad chose to stay after my parents’ divorce. The house was the same as I left it five years ago. Same seafoam green paint with white trim at the windows. Fake wood garage door and a small front yard. The sky was clear, the sun blinding. Cliché as it sounds, the day held infinite possibilities, weather permitting.

Pulling into town, I passed the old baseball diamonds of my childhood. The local CVS still looked the same, and from there I turned into the residential neighborhood that had been my childhood stomping grounds. Soon enough I was embracing my brother Devin on the doorstep of dad’s house. The old man met me in the front room, Karen in her sewing room.
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About Xane J. Fisher:

Originally from the Salt Lake City area, Xane Fisher has spent most of his life living out of a backpack or suitcase. Along his travels, he has been blessed with an amazing family, a college education, and the opportunity to see the world from the skyscrapers of Abu-Dhabi to the third world markets of Angola. From a young age, he has felt compelled to write and share experiences through a pen or keyboard. He is currently living in southwest Germany, serving in the United States Air Force with his wife Autumn and their son Judah. He hopes to have his first novel completed soon.

“Fisher’s writing debut doesn’t disappoint. Nice prose and storytelling!”-Bart Hopkins, Goodreads
“A very poignant short story and Fisher writes so eloquently it’s like reading poetry.”-Sissy Lu, Goodreads

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