Author Spotlight – Anita Kovacevic has 5 Minutes in the Penalty Box!


Jeremy – Welcome to the Penalty Box, Anita! How are you doing today?

Anita: Doing just fine, I’d say (with all the possible connotations of the word). Back to work soon, and vacation days seem to have evaporated too fast. How about you?

Jeremy – I’m not doing too bad; just keeping the newborn happy and healthy.

First thing’s first, why don’t you tell everyone a bit about yourself. How did you end up getting suckered into this harsh reality that is “being an author?”

Anita: It’s just a hobby, I tell myself ;). I teach English as a second language, and try to be a good wife and patient mother. Several people told me I should publish the stories I use in my English lessons (this refers to my children’s books) and the adult texts I toyed with on an ancient blog. I actually believed them and thought it would be better to say “Well, I tried.” than “I wish I had…”. So I tried. I have to say several encounters with the greedy vanity publishers gave me the final push to decide and venture into self-publishing. People sometimes ask me why I write in English, being Croatian. I don’t really know why, but my stories come to my head in English, so that’s probably why. Anyway, who coaxed you into writing, Jeremy?

Jeremy – This is all my wife’s fault. She found my old writings and wanted me to make something and them and two years later, here I am.  It’s been quite the journey.

Is there anything you’d do differently if you could go back to the very beginning? I know I made a ton of mistakes when I published my first book and I kick myself to this day for not being better prepared.

Anita: At first I thought I’d kick myself in the derriere for the typos and the adverbs. Then I started noticing them in so many books and realized there is no such thing as perfection. Still, I will try to fix all my mistakes, the control-freakish teacher/mum that I am. Sometimes I wish I’d been better informed about the constant necessity to promote, promote and promote, to be ever present online and savvy about social networks. Then I realized that it is better this way – having been clueless gave me that naive motivation to even start at self-publishing, whereas knowing about promotional issues might have scared me away. This way, you see, trying to learn, I met so many of you wonderful people who are just scary enough to challenge me and friendly enough to support my attempts.

It’s a good thing I’m not in this for the money. If I were, I’d have given up already. Good thing my husband is so understanding.

Jeremy – As my guest, I want to give my followers a chance to learn about your book. The stage is yours, lay it on us.

Anita: My current new release, Average Daydreamer, is a light chicklit romance about a busy young woman looking for that perfect man. Her best friend is getting married, her sisters are married, and she claims she is fine on her own. She is not really actively looking for Mr Perfect, more daydreaming, so when two cases of perfection appear at her threshold, it takes her a while to notice them at all and decide what to do. She is a funny girl, her daydreaming often gets her into awkward situations, and she gave me some giggles when I wrote about her. My readers say she, her friends and family are fun and funny, relatable and positive. This is what she and I were going for. She is far from my character in Beneath, my short story featured in Crooked Tales, a collection of 15 short stories which is coming out soon, and features authors I can only be proud to be listed among.  But more on that scary lady next time.

Jeremy – Do you have a link to where they can find your works? (if you wrote multiple books, list the one they should start with, if there is a preference)

Anita: All my books are available on, iBooks, Kobo and Amazon. I don’t use a pseudonym, so my adult books and children’s books are all listed under Anita Kovacevic (my real name, only in Croatian it is spelled Kovačević). The Amazon link is and the Lulu link is .

Jeremy – As you may know, I host a podcast called Two Dudes, Brews, & Books. I’m curious if you have a favorite brew or book that me and my co-host Jeff should know about.

Anita: Brew not so much – anything with alcohol makes me sleepy ;), but if you are ever in Croatia, I know what to recommend. Books – no idea where to start! I am a voracious multigenre reader, which is normal for a teacher and multigenre author. I have been reading a lot of independent authors lately, and truly fell in love with some authors’ books. Jean Gill and Elizabeth Horton Newton are authors whose books I will read with relish, I am intrigued by the work of Mark Fine, Geoff Nelder, Glen Barrera, you, Jeremy, and so many more. Sorry not to mention all. I have also discovered wonderful books by B.J. Tiernan, Elizabeth Moore, Traci Sanders, Suzanne Kelman, Rebecca McCray, Tom Fallwell. As for children’s authors, I just love David Melling, whose illustrations are gorgeous. Should I just take a photo of my bookshelves and take up less space here ;)?

Jeremy – I think that’s the same problem all of us authors have. Too many good people to read and not enough time in the day to do it.

Now before we call it a day, do you have any other talents/skills we should know about? As authors, we tend to be an eclectic bunch with a lot more than meets the eye.

Anita: My son, now a teenager, once wrote in a school essay about me that I am a person who likes to create things out of nothing. I was stunned by that because it is the absolute truth. I do love it. Storytelling and teacher training sessions are pure joy. I make costumes for my students who perform in English plays I write for them. Pixlr image design is fun. Sometimes I make food from scratch or leftovers based on recipes I dream; I haven’t given anyone food poisoning yet. It is not uncommon for me to be handy with scissors – cutting out images and fonts from old paper, building castles and volcanoes… Repurposing things is one of my favourite hobbies. Some say I can write good poetry & songs, too, and edit well, but hush – I think they’re just saying that. Basically, I love to make up stuff:). Without make-up. And I talk too much when nervous. Obviously.

Jeremy – That’s awesome. I’m so glad you stopped by today to talk with me and share your story. For those of you reading, if you want to learn more about Anita Kovacevic, I’ll have all the pertinent information at the end of the interview.

Again, thanks for coming by and we’ll catch up later!

Anita: Thank you for inviting me over, Jeremy! Happy writing and reading! I hope your readers like short stories and grab Crooked Tales soon! And don’t forget to vote for your favorite authors at the Summer Indie Book Awards!

Anita’s Information:

Find me on fb, twitter and instagram as Anita’s Haven  Blog Featured author at This is where I guest review iBooks Kobo Amazon Lulu



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  1. Thank you very much, Jeremy! Such a pleasure to drop by the penalty box!


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