Detonation Games Issue #2

Welcome back to another #NegativeManThursday.  Last week, we were greeted by the first issue of the new web-series Detonation Games and today it’s time for number two.  As always, if you haven’t finished the main series through Stormfall, there are tons of spoilers to be had for you, the reader.

With that word of caution out of the way, let’s sit back and relax as The Negative Man series continues with…

Detonation Games Cover

Issue #2 – Return to Action

Black Lagoon Penitentiary – like a modern day Alcatraz it sat there like an imposing fortress. Surrounding it was the man made lagoon that made it almost impossible to get to the prison itself as no one was sure just how deep the waters were.  Or what might be lurking in them.

At the northern end of the prison was the hospital. This is where they would be keeping Jericho, probably on life support.  The man was a legend; this wasn’t how it was supposed to go.  It was up to me to rescue him and bring him home.  Once there, I knew he’d come back to me and we could continue our revenge on the city and then the country.

I hadn’t used my powers much in the year since everything happened. That was about to change.  Before arriving, I stopped in a local gas station and purchased every disposable phone they had.  They clerk looked at m funny at check out.  “That’s a lot of phones, miss.”

Handing him a roll of cash, “I don’t trust regular phones for me and my family after the fiasco with the Predator last year.”

He nodded knowingly. “I remember that.  Had one myself until they crashed.  Can you believe those phones were developed by The Negative Man himself?  That’s even crazier.”

The mention of Jericho’s alter ego rattled me, but just for a moment. I played it off easily.  “The Negative Man caused so much damage to my home.  I don’t know that Pacific Station will ever be the same.”

The man seemed to be in a bit of a chatty mood this evening. This proved most beneficial to me.  “I heard a rumor from a friend that The Negative Man didn’t work alone.  They say he had an ally who was just as deadly.”

Not many people knew of Detonate’s existence. And I wanted to keep it that way.  “That’s quite the rumor.  Who did you hear such things from?”

“A friend of mine who works at the comic book store. His name is Al, he’s a solid dude.”

I would remember this Al. Taking my phones, “I thank you for your help tonight.  It’s been lovely talking to you.”

He offered a wave. I think he wanted to ask me for my number, but thought better of it.  “Thanks, come back anytime.”

Unfortunately, there would never been a need to come back. As I walked out, I needed to ensure rumors of me were squashed.  I tossed a phone back into the store and just a few moments later, the block was on fire as the chain of gas fueled explosions rocked this end of Pacific Station.  It felt good to be back.


The northern wall to the prison was taunting me to attempt to penetrate it. The black water at my feet looked like an abyss.  Even with a burning vengeance and a want to bring Jericho home, this task seemed daunting alone.  Even though my mind told me there was probably nothing in the water, when I attempted to jump in to swim across, I stopped.  The unknown of it all was the greatest barrier of all.

I went home defeated. Even with a great desire to break in and take Jericho back, I failed.  I couldn’t do this alone, as I came to that conclusion on the side of that ominous watery hurdle.  The problem was where to find help, in this city or anywhere.

I remembered when Jericho reached out to Shawn Jordan, aka Hammerspace. It seemed like such a natural fit in our team.  Then he betrayed us; selling us out to the highest bidder.  If it wasn’t for his stupidity and not leaving his home at home, we both might’ve been killed that night.  As it turned out, only he and his friends ended up dead.

With that bitter memory in mind, I was searching the internet, seeing if anything jumped out at me. Just when I was about to call it a night on this venture, a headline jumped out at me – ‘Deranged Gang Terrorizing Red Rock.’  There were five of them and they all looked more than adequate for my needs.

Grabbing a bag from under the bed, “It looks like it’s time to go recruiting.”


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