Traci Sanders gets 5 Minutes in the Penalty Box!


Jeremy – Welcome to the Penalty Box, Traci! How are you doing today?

Traci: I’m great, Jeremy. Nice to make your acquaintance through Mark.

Jeremy – The same to you.  That Mark Fine, him and his connections!

First thing’s first, why don’t you tell everyone a bit about yourself. How did you end up getting suckered into this harsh reality that is “being an author?”

Traci: I’ve always been an avid reader and writer from a young age of ten. I had my first poem published in the eighth grade and it was such a high for me. Poetry was my first love. But I only started publishing about four years ago. To date I have seven titles.

Jeremy – Is there anything you’d do differently if you could go back to the very beginning? I know I made a ton of mistakes when I published my first book and I kick myself to this day for not being better prepared.

Traci: Absolutely! I would be more patient and knowledgeable about the industry before I threw my first book out there to the wolves. I would have hired a professional editor, and I would have had a marketing plan in place.

Jeremy – I think that is a problem most Indies run into, we get too exited and go in guns blazing instead of with a plan in place.  We aren’t alone, lol.

As my guest, I want to give my followers a chance to learn about your books. The stage is yours, lay it on us.


This is one cool cover!

Traci: As I said, I have seven titles – parenting, children’s, and romance. But today I’d like to share my latest venture, which is helping other Indie authors succeed. My books have taken a backseat for the past six months to make this site happen. It’s called Readers Review Room. I’m the founder and so far I have around 25 regular reviewers and a handful of teen and early reader reviewers.  The short version of our site is that we find real reviewers for author’s books and our reviewers choose the books they review so their feedback is unbiased an authentic. So this also makes the RRR a great place to discover a new favorite author or book, because visitors know our reviews are trustworthy.

We are quite affordable too – only $9.95/year to list up to 3 titles with us, and $14.95/year for unlimited titles. We have nearly 200 titles at the moment and gain more each week. It is important to note that we don’t accept every book that is submitted to us. A few of our team members vet the book for grammar and likability. If there are any glaring issues upfront, we decline the title and give suggestions on how the author can improve and resubmit. We’re all about building the Indie industry strong. No author can pay their way onto our site. If we decline a book, it’s not listed. The listing fee is to make an author’s book available to our review team members, and we don’t guarantee a review just because a book is listed. As I mentioned, our reviewers choose each book they read.

Jeremy – Do you have a link to where they can find your website and get in on this cool deal?

Traci: Sure! You can find us at or email us at You can follow us on Twitter at @readreviewroom and join our Facebook group.

Jeremy – As you may know, I host a podcast called Two Dudes, Brews, & Books. I’m curious if you have a favorite brew or book that me and my co-host Jeff should know about.

Traci: Oh my. I’ve met so many incredible authors over the past few years, my list is exhaustive. But I’d have to say these are my top 10 so far:

  • Mark Fine – The Zebra Affaire
  • Elizabeth Horton-Newton – Riddle
  • Anita Kovacevic – The Threshold
  • Emma Scott – RUSH – but really anything by her
  • Beth Hale – any titles by her
  • Bethany Turner – The Abigail Phelps series
  • Claire Stibbe – The 9th Hour
  • Stephen Geez – Dance of the Lights
  • Beem Weeks – Jazz Baby Neil Douglas Newton – The Threshold

Gosh, I wish I could list more 😦

And honestly, I’m an apple-pie moonshine lover. Crazy, right? But I also enjoy wine – Pinot Grigio and Moscato are my faves.


This book cover should attract a different demographic – Management

Jeremy – There is nothing crazy about loving moonshine.  If I had the ability to give you a gold star for coming on here and saying that, I would!

Now before we call it a day, do you have any other talents/skills we should know about? As authors, we tend to be an eclectic bunch with a lot more than meets the eye.

Traci: I am actually a singer/songwriter who loves to dance and do yoga.

Jeremy – That’s awesome. I’m so glad you stopped by today to talk with me and share your story. For those of you reading, if you want to learn more about Traci Sanders, I’ll have all the pertinent information at the end of the interview.

Again, thanks for coming by and we’ll catch up later!

If you’d like to learn more about Traci as an author, here are her links:



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