The Negative Man: Detonation Games #3

Sorry, but this is it for the blog posts this week.  I feel like I’ve been run over by a reindeer, so fortunately today’s Detonation Games was written a long time ago.  Hurray no thinking!  So while you enjoy the next part to our story, I’m going to go chug cold medicine and hope for the best!

Detonation Games Cover

Issue #3 – The Fatal Five

It took two days to drive from Pacific Station to Red Rock. I could’ve flown, but I felt better staying under the radar.  I’d stayed hidden for this long, trying to piece together a plan for revenge.  The problem with that was The Morning Lynx was out of reach.  John Wonderton’s son was as good as I was, sticking to the underground and not being seen unless he wanted to.

So my plans stalled. I sunk into depression – drinking and no longer wanting to live.  My anger turned into self-loathing and disgust.  I was close to ending it all, that is until Father Reigart gave me my spark again.  Jericho was alive and getting him back was just the first step to gaining our revenge.  That’s why this trip to Red Rock was so important; I needed this gang’s help in breaking him out.

Red Rock was nothing like Pacific Station. There were no tall skyscrapers, rather bunches of low buildings, short and squat.  As I drove down the streets, there weren’t a lot of people out and those that were looked scared.  It reminded me of when The Negative Man first burst on to the scene.  That was a different time, one that was much less complicated.

I found my hotel at the corner of Mojave and Dune. It was a small place, right on the limits of downtown Red Rock – the perfect place to set up shop.  The Oasis Inn had Wi-Fi, cable, and offered weekly rates, so it was a no brainer.  A bellhop ran outside as I pulled up and opened the door for me.  “Good afternoon Miss and welcome to The Oasis Inn.  Is your luggage in your trunk?”

“Yes dear, it is.” I slipped him a ten dollar bill and walked inside as he unloaded the car.  There wasn’t much, one bag of my personal attire and another that contained everything Detonate would need.

After getting checked in and settled, I turned on the television. One of the things I hate about road trips was constantly having to switch radio stations.  With the advent of satellite radio, that no longer became a burden.  The only downside was I missed quite a bit in my two day journey.

The local newscaster, Tim Donovan, was breaking the latest updates. “Local hero, The Sidewinder, was found dead this morning hanging from the flagpole in front of Sunset First Bank.  The RRPD are calling this just the latest calamity that the gang, being dubbed The Fatal Five, have committed.  The Sidewinder, real identity being confirmed as James Taylor, was only thirty-five years old.”

When the showed the picture of the crime scene, blood was everywhere and a green suit that looked to be covered in scales was lying on the ground. The police had removed the body from the scene, but left the Sidewinder’s suit behind, maybe as a beacon of hope?

The camera panned back to Donovan. “Folks, as you watch this today, the RRPD encourage you to stay safe and stick to your homes at night.  The Fatal Five’s influence of this city has spread and until they are apprehended, the best thing is to not present yourself as a target.”

The more I heard about this gang the more I liked. Wanting to know more about their terror spree, I opened up my lap top and searched the internet from criminal activity in Red Rock.  The results were outstanding.  In no short order they’d committed –

  • Armed robbery
  • Arson
  • Murder
  • Extortion
  • Terrorist attack on RRPD’s Station

Their crimes had been committed in less than two weeks. No one knew where they came from and their criminal activity usually left no survivors, yet multiple sources were saying these gang members were capable of committing truly weird and unexplained things.  As I dug deeper, no one was willing to say what powers they may or may not have had.  The mystery just went deeper.

I needed to find these persons and quickly. Thinking like a criminal, there was one way to surely bring them out of hiding and lead them to me.  I needed to infringe on their territory.  Opening my second suitcase, my detonate costume was still in good working order.  Sliding it on, it felt like I was slipping back into my true form.  The day Jericho gifted me with these powers, the old Heather Adams had died.  I’d denied myself the pleasure of being Detonate for far too long.

I grabbed a handful of burner phones and slid them into my belt. Red Rock was about to experience a true resonance in the art of super villainy.  It was time to my introduction.


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