#NegativeManThursday – Detonation Games Issue 4

Welcome back everyone.  I love all the positive feedback I’ve been getting for Detonation Games so far.  As you all know, The Negative Man has spawned into something that I could never have imagined, so the fact that we’re so far into it and you, the readers, are still finding it enjoyable – that is awesome.

Just a reminder that this is a twenty part web-series that will bridge Stormfall to the next book.  Probably around issue number 12 or 13, that’ll be the time I start giving out information on the next book.  Until then, we’ll just have to make do with some more explosive adventures.

So here we go…

Detonation Games Cover

Issue #4 – Burn

The building was on the verge of collapse. Two cell phone grenades was all it took to ruin the support structure of the condominium complex and send people out into the night in pure terror.  Not satisfied, I flung another phone across the street, in the direction of a semi that was parked by itself.  As soon as it slid underneath, the beautiful sound of pure joy hit my ears.  A well placed shot found the gas tank, adding to the fire that was swarming downtown Red Rock.

The police came, but that didn’t worry me. When the first cruiser came within distance, they were met by one of my handy little friends, blowing the car into bits.  The cops were able to abandon the doomed vehicle just in time, but smartly, they retreated from the scene.  Run tiny humans, run.  I was the conductor of this symphony and no one could stop me.

The feeling of power once again flowed through me. How could I have ever given this up?  I had four phones left, just enough to create more chaos and mayhem to the unsuspecting town I was now in.  I skipped off down the street, taking one last basking look at my handiwork.  I was so proud of myself.

On the next city block, I found a perfect second target. It was Red Rock’s Chamber of Commerce, a popular location for business types and those looking to get a start to congregate.  Bad news for them, tomorrow morning, this place would be in shambles.  As police and fire sirens rained down in the area, I unhooked another bomb and threw it into the window, shattering the glass.  Being a softball pitched certainly helped with the accuracy.

I stood there for a moment, that moment before I triggered the bomb was my favorite. I let my joy really set in and when I was at my peak, I let it go.  Brick and mortar ejected into the street.  Neighboring buildings were soon alive with panic.  Not content with just one explosion, I sent two more into the combusting Chamber.

Plumes of fire took over, no more need for my power. It was another masterpiece, an example of just how powerful I could be.  If this didn’t rouse the Fatal Five, I wasn’t sure what would.

My answer would be had shortly. As I left another scene in disarray, five shadows surrounded me.  This was the moment I’d been waiting for.  “Come on out and play boys!”

They answered my taunt by appearing in the moonlit alley. The five of them looked identical, as if they were quintuplets.  The only difference was the hairstyle; bald, dreadlocks, Mohawk, spiked, and tassled.  Each was dressed in scuffed up blue jeans, biker boots, and leather vests.  On the right chest of the vest was a saying: Stronger Together.  They formed a circle around me.

The bald one spoke first. “You’re in our territory, lady.”

He was much better spoken than I would’ve assumed. This man struck me as very educated.  “It appears I am.  Though, judging by the way things went down tonight, maybe there’s a new villain in town.”

He pointed to his brother with the spiked hair and he came beside the bald one. “No one, and I mean no one, tries to attempt a hostile takeover of Red Rock.”

I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to see. The two merged into one.  Immediately the combined supers jumped from around six feet tall to well over seven.  They retained the figure of the bald one, but the worst part was that the face of the spiked brother would swirl around the body.  Occasionally, an arm or a leg would pop out of a weird angle, including the top of the head.

I’d never seen anything like this in my life. “Fascinating.”

The combined brothers took a few lumbering steps towards me, rearing back an oversized fist that at the moment had a foot sticking out of it. As he lunged in to punch me, I grabbed my last cell phone and floated it into his face.  I turned my back and ducked, right as it went off.

Reclaiming my fight position, I could see the explosion knocked the brothers apart. The bald one was down in front of me and the spiked one was about five feet to the left, beside the tangled haired one.  The three who were still upright didn’t move.  Shock was written all over their faces, they hadn’t expected that.

Each was carrying a phone in their pocket. “Anyone moves and I’ll blow you all up, understand?”

The bald brother was back to his feet, but he complied with the order. “Who are you?  What do you want?”

“My name is Detonate and I want the five of you to help me get The Negative Man out of Black Lagoon Penitentiary.”




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