#NegativeManThursday – Detonation Games #5

Sorry for missing last week compadres.  Good old Hurricane Matthew caused enough havoc to keep me from getting to the blog last week.  Don’t worry though, besides a bunch of yard debris and loss of power for a few hours, me and the family came out unscathed.

Some people close to me did not, however.  A tree fell through their roof and they are seriously hurting.  So yeah, Hurricane Matthew was not a welcome guest, but we will rebuild.

Well enough about that crap, let’s get to the good stuff.  I can’t believe we are up to issue #5 but here we are.  Strap in everyone, it is time to get cracking with…

Detonation Games Cover

Issue 5 – An Accord

We were back at their base of operations just outside the city limits. On the way over, I learned their names: Zed, Zeke, Zane, Zach, and Zeb.  The quintuplets were born with their unique merging gift and over the forty two years they’d been on this planet, had learned to perfect it.  Only a concussive force, like the one my cell phone bombs provided, could force them apart.

The bald one, Zed, was the oldest by seconds but seemed to have the full cooperation of the others. He hadn’t said anything of my plan until now.  “The Negative Man, that’s one tough hombre, sister.”  His reverence for Jericho was refreshing.  “We all thought he’d been killed on that old warship.”

“So did I,” I replied, keeping my voice steady. “It’s only been recently and through a stroke of luck that I discovered he was still alive.  Black Lagoon is said to be impenetrable, but I think the six of us can prove that wrong.”

The second oldest, Zeke, leaned in and whispered something to Zed. The older brother nodded and gave him a pat on the head.  “We’re not saying no, so don’t blow us up.”  His voice was on edge.  “If we’re to help you, wouldn’t it be prudent for you to help us too?”

They were looking to strike an accord with me. “Very well, what are you angling for?”

“A hundred miles north in the desert foothills is a small metro area, Indian Point. We were planning on robbing the Natural History Museum of its Desert Diamond.”

“Oh?” Everyone who lived on the western side of the country knew about the Desert Diamond – a diamond so big it was said to weight over one hundred pounds.  It had no value, it was priceless.  “You seem to be good at that type of thing, why would you need me?”

“It’s not for the breaking and entering; it’s for dealing with the vigilante who prowls around up there, Sandstorm.”

I’d never heard of him. “Sandstorm?  That’s not the most intimidating name one could come up with.”

Zed snapped his fingers and one of the younger brothers, Zack I think, brought him a tablet. He scrolled through a few pages and then handed it to me with a video playing.  The title was “The Heroism of Sandstorm.”

What I witnessed intrigued me to no end. It was a vigilante who controlled the very substance that covered the ground in these parts.  He built walls to protect himself and others, used sand as projectiles, and even formed a giant fist and smashed another super like a bug.  Much like Jericho, there was no clear shot of him as particles of the yellow element hovered around him, almost creating a shield.  This was a worthy opponent.

As the video finished, “So you want my help in defeating him so you can take the Desert Diamond, correct?”

“And in return, we’ll lend our assistance in breaking The Negative Man out. Do we have a deal?”

Zed stuck his hand out; the large calloused appendage had seen its fair share of fights. I needed them unfortunately and it appeared force wasn’t going to work.  Though to be honest, the idea of taking on another super, one this powerful even, on my own intrigued me.  Killing him would prove my worth to Jericho a thousand times over!

I reached out and shook Zed’s hand. “The Desert Diamond for The Negative Man – this sounds like a fair deal to me.”

The tension left the room and everyone came to smiles. Zed especially seemed happy.  “With that diamond, our days as hunted supers will be over.  I hear the Mexican Rivera is a beautiful place to go.”

Their dreams of a pleasant life weren’t my concern. “So, when do we leave for Indian Point?”

“I’m ready to retire.” For the first time since we met, his face showed that.  “If no one opposes, we gear up and hit the road at sunrise.”


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