Draco Malfoy is Dr. Alchemy (The Flash Season Preview… Late of Course)


Yeah, yeah, yeah – I know I missed the mark last year when I said Eddie was Zoom.  Let’s just get that right off the table.  I think most of you agreed with me though and, maybe, just maybe, that angle would’ve been a lot more cohesive than the Jay Garrick/Hunter Zoloman thing.

Either way, it’s a new season with fresh new speculation.  So, why is Malfoy Dr. Alchemy?  Simple, it’s about time we get a villain right from the start that we don’t spend 1/2 a season guessing at.  Seriously, the Julian Albert character is just too perfect to not be Dr. Alchemy.  He hates Harr- errr Barry for being a goody two shoes and an annoyance.  He wasn’t part of Barry’s original timeline, and well let’s face it, Tom Felton does a spectacular job at playing antagonists.  All wrapped up, Draco Malfoy is Dr. Alchemy.


Some other random thoughts: I am so excited Killer Frost is coming back.  Cisco in this new timeline is a more serious, badass meta.  Somehow, someway, Iris is going to be the center of the season, much like Felicity was on Arrow.  And I don’t know if that’s a good thing.  Finally, I’m so glad they brought in the Rival, even if just for an episode.  That was mucho gusto ass kicking.

This season has gotten off to an awesome start the first two weeks.  I can’t wait to see where these storylines take us this year.  Until next time…. play us out band!




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One Response to Draco Malfoy is Dr. Alchemy (The Flash Season Preview… Late of Course)

  1. jefftrel says:

    I don’t think Julian is Alchemy. That seems too obvious!


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