The Negative Man: Detonation Games #6

Well crap – I missed a day.  Sorry guys.  Here is the (day late) weekly edition of Detonation Games.  I should be back on schedule next week…

Detonation Games Cover

Issue 6 – Dust Devil

The trip from Red Rock to Indian Point was dull. All you could see for miles and miles was sand.  Fortunately, the Fatal Five gassed up their van before we left, ensuring we wouldn’t be stuck out here.  The thought of being stranded in the desert wasn’t a pleasant one.

At some point I dozed off from boredom, only to be awoken when the van jerked to the side. “Hey, what’s going on up there?”

The driver, Zach, was slowing the van down. Zed looked back from the passenger seat, “Just a morning wind gust, nothing to worry about.”

Pacific Station, this was not. I missed the smell of the ocean and the breeze that came with it.  I missed the cooler temperatures and the way my hair laid perfectly.  Out here, it was a barren wasteland, one I would not be in a hurry to visit ever again.  I closed my eyes and remembered just who I was doing this for – Jericho.

Not five minutes later the van twisted again. I wasn’t used to this and it was a bit unsettling to my stomach.  As much as I wanted to complain, I kept my mouth shut and just tried to ignore it.  Then it happened; one last twist but this one felt different.  From the front, I heard Zed swearing and commanding the van be pulled over.

Two of the quintuplets opened the back doors to the van. I asked, Zeke I think, what was happening.  “Don’t know.”  A real talker.

I got out with them and saw a dust storm brewing all around us. “Is it normal for it to circle like this?”

“No.” Zed’s voice was more of a growl at this point.  “This is the work of a super.”

On queue two figures emerged from the western side of the storm. One was wearing a dirty, yellowish jumpsuit with old style steampunk glasses on his face.  His partner was a younger female, decked out in a sleeveless hooded shirt, ratty old jeans, and leather gloves.  Her eyes were glowing – she was the one controlling the storm.

“The Fatal Five, plus one…” It was the older man walking towards us.  “You’re in my territory now.”

Zed walked out to meet him. “Sandstorm; you best get out of our way.”

So this was the vigilante that these brothers feared. I was impressed that Zed didn’t let that fear slip into his demeanor as he stood down the man.  But as they faced off, my eyes drifted to the girl who was keeping us all here with this storm.  Maybe Sandstorm wasn’t the one they should’ve been afraid of.

She noticed me observing her. There was a brief stumble in her control of the storm, subtle enough where only the two of us noticed.  I smiled at her, and then went back to the two men standing in the middle.  Sandstorm looked as if he didn’t have a care in the world.

“As much as I’d like to keep up this witty banter with you, you are all wanted fugitives and I’m not in the mood to turn the other cheek.”

Without warning the sand beneath all of us began to wrap around our legs. Sandstorm had this malicious, evil look to his face.  This wasn’t going to be a grab and turn in – he was going to kill us.

Fortunately, he didn’t know who I was or what my powers were. He didn’t have a cell phone on him, but I did.  Pulling out a phone from my bag, I tossed it at him while he was busy focusing on Zed.  He realized what was happening at the very last minute, but the phone went off before he could cover his face with a sandy wall.  Half the explosion was absorbed into the sand, but enough caught him where he fell to the ground in pain.

The sand wrapping around our legs fell harmlessly to the ground. I was about to kill Sandstorm myself when a blast of wind knocked us all away.  The girl ran towards her partner, the windy dust storm began to surround them, keeping us at bay.

We made eye contact one last time. Her voice, too low to hear over the wind gusts mouthed the words perfectly.  “You will find out why the call me Dust Devil soon enough, bitch.”



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