The Negative Man: Detonation Games #7

Welcome back to #NegativeManThursday.  We’re picking up where we left off in Heather’s story today, but a real quick programming note.  Next week’s #8 will be from Father Reigart’s POV.  Just giving everyone a quick heads up.

Also, thank you to everyone for the incredibly kind words about the cover reveal yesterday.  I appreciate everyone telling me how great the cover looks and how much they are looking forward to the next book in the series.

Well, before we can get to Legends Can Die, we need to see Heather’s part in this through.  So sit back and relax, Detonation Games continues in…

Detonation Games Cover

Issue 7 – Indian Point

After the close run in with the two supers, we hightailed it to Indian Point. Once inside the city, the next logical step was to find a base of operations.  Knowing Sandstorm and Dust Devil were still out there, it needed to be a place that wasn’t obvious, but also not too remote.  We settled on a hotel that was two blocks from the museum where the Desert Diamond was being held, Oasis Gardens.

It was a plush hotel in the downtown area, a place that one would think criminals would avoid being seen. What I was hoping no one counted on was my level of charm and social standing being able to assist.  After a quick trip to a clothing boutique, I slipped into my old lawyer routine to book our rooms.

The lady at the front desk was prim and proper. If she saw my associates, that would cause some commotion.  So, like good lads, they stayed behind in the van while I took control of the situation.  “Hello, I’m Miss Adams with the Red Rock Division of Wonder-Tech.  I’ll be in town for the next few days with a number of associates from around the southwest.  Do you have two rooms that I can reserve?”

The name dropping of Wonder-Tech worked. She smiled politely before offering me what they had.  “On such short notice, the only rooms I can provide are the Presidential Suites on the top floor.  They are a bit pricey at-”

I dropped the metallic black credit card on the desktop. “Price isn’t a concern.  In fact, the associates will love the fact we’re at the top floor.”

She grabbed the card before I had the sense to change my mind. Knowing it would still work as this was linked to Jericho’s private account, the transaction went through without a hitch.  She gave me four key cards and referred me to the back elevator to avoid getting stuck in the lobby.

By the time I returned outside, the brothers were getting antsy. “Come – we have access to the back elevators and the top two presidential suites.  No one will know we’re here.”

To say our accommodations were nice would be an understatement. With a fully stocked minibar, along with seating areas, office space, and even a small conference center in each room, we were set up perfectly.  Zed gathered everyone into the small conference area and laid out the map he had.

It was of the museum. “Our entry point will be at the loading docks.  This is the least secure point in terms of security.  Worst case, there may be two or three local leo’s there.”

“Is that a job for you or for me?”

He thumped himself on the chest. “Me and the boys can handle that.  What we need you for is Sandstorm and his pretty little girlfriend.”  It must’ve pained his ego to admit they weren’t much of a match for the super.  “As you know from experience, extreme force can break us apart.  His sand attacks would be able to do the trick.”

I’d still be outnumbered two to one in this scenario. “How long will it take for you to get in and out?  Worst case being if I only need to stall them.”

“Once we enter, the Desert Diamond is being kept in the National History display, in the left wing. Depending on the resistance we encounter, to grab it and go – maybe a half hour.”

They’d show up, vigilantes like that would always stick their noses in where it didn’t belong. “If we account for the time it will take them to realize something is wrong and arriving on scene, that puts me against them for twenty minutes, give or take.”  That seemed plausible.  “Don’t fool around inside, get out and assist me, as it will probably be necessary.”

“With the diamond in hand, our goal is to leave the scene. We’ll extract you and get out of Indian Point for good.”

Satisfied, “Today was a travel day, so I’d be okay with taking the evening to rest and recover. Tomorrow night seems like the perfect night to stage a heist.”

Three of the brothers already had beers in their hands. There would be no robbery tonight, even if Zed had wanted it.  “Very well.  Tomorrow we all become very rich and then see about breaking your boyfriend out of Black Lagoon.”


P.S. – if you missed the cove reveal yesterday, well here you go!  Enjoy…



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