The Negative Man: Detonation Games #8

Crap – it happened again. Let’s chalk this one up to my son being sick on Monday and Steph and I Stayed home with him. Obviously, I thought yesterday was Wednesday and well, here we are. I swear, I’m not using my kid as an excuse. I mean who does that…

Let’s not answer that question. Instead, let’s get explosive as we continue Heather’s Story in…

Detonation Games Cover

Issue #8 – The Confession Booth

“Forgive me father, for I have sinned.”

“Kim, how often are we going to play this game?”

I waited for the widower to respond. The last time he came to me was the night we ended up walking to the memorial celebrating Liberation Day.  That had been a hard night for Kim, and I was worried even more were coming.

“Father Reigart,” he started off slowly. “Each day that passes is even harder and harder to go on.  Over a year has passed and I feel no joy, no love in my heart.”  I wish I knew his pain, but I didn’t.  “I sold the store to Al Murphy today.  I can’t even walk into it, let alone run the day to day business aspects of it.”

Idle hands were not what this situation called for. “Kim, I do not think that’s what Diana would’ve wanted you to do.”

Sadly, “I know. I feel like I shamed her memory today when I completed the sale.  But it was our dream – and there is no more “our” here.”

“What do you plan to do?”

“I don’t know yet, Father.” He stood up.  “I have a feeling that when I figure it out, you’ll be the first to know.”

With those ominous words, he walked out.


It had been a week since I last saw Kim Krummel at confession. That struck me as odd; there hadn’t been a week where I didn’t at least see him twice.  My thoughts of Kim were immediately swept away when I picked up the morning paper:


Much like everyone else, I was surprised at what I was reading. Jim Reno was a known criminal, but much like the article said, he’d been in hiding for a number of years.  Rumor had it that The Dark Lion had a secret vendetta against Reno, but due to The Negative Man and other super powered problems, was never able to fulfill it.

As I carried the paper with me as I left the small house behind the church, I was nearly run over by a tall, thin man, no older than twenty-five, who looked to be in a panic. “I was told I’d be able to find you here.”

“Slow down, my son. First thing, tell me who you are and how can I assist you today.”

He was breathing heavy, but calmed himself enough to speak. “The name’s Al.  I bought the comic shop from Kim a few days ago.  He’s always talking about you and I don’t know who else to turn to.”

“Did something happen to him?” My mind began to race with all sorts of terrible possibilities.

Then Al pointed to the newspaper in my hand. “Father, I think Kim’s the one who killed Jim Reno.  And I think I have proof about it.”

I grabbed this Al and immediately went back into the house. Sitting him down, “You must tell me everything you know…”


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