Jack Crosby gets 5 Minutes in the Sin Bin!


Jeremy: It looks like we have another trouble maker on our hands. Jack Crosby, you’re in the box!

Jack: What was my penalty? Fighting? Voting for myself for president?

Jeremy: We’ll go with the second one. Who writes themselves in on an official ballot?

Jack: Me?

Jeremy: Fair point. Anyways, on to the real reason you’re here – the release of your new book, The Electric Mile. This book is classic Crosby with a dystopian/video game flair.


Jack: I needed a bit of a break from the world of the Grimm Family. That doesn’t mean the second Witch Wars book won’t be out sometime soonish (ed. note – soonish apparently means sometime in 2017), I just wanted to go a different route for my next book while still keeping the same old Jack style.

Jeremy: I read it and really enjoyed it. First for everyone reading, the book is probably rated like R. There is a disclaimer for a reason.

Jack: Again, I’ve cultivated my reader base and didn’t want to deviate from what made me fans. I know, my books aren’t for everyone.

Jeremy: That said, those who don’t mind adult situations will really find this book enjoyable. Ash, the main character, basically lived every eighteen to twenty-one year old man’s fantasy in this story.

Jack: Ash is a complex character, even if I didn’t show it yet. The Electric Mile was about setting a base line for him, you know? This is who he is and how he reacts to certain situations. With that established, I can delve deeper into what makes him do the things he does.

Jeremy: I know you have two series going now, Gamer Handle:Vector and The Witch Wars. How will you juggle them next year?

Jack: I’m hoping to release three books in 2017; The Sons of Death (Witch Wars Vol. 2), The Lost Level (Gamer Handle: Vector Vol. 2), and finally The Broken Seal (Witch Wars Vol. 3). 2017 is shaping up to be a busy year. What’re your 2017 plans?

Jeremy: I’m hoping for three releases, too. Legends Can Die (The Negative Man Vol. 3), Hat Trick: A Ragnarok on Ice Story, and The Wolves of Chernobyl (The Inglewood Chronicles Vol. 3). It looks like we’ll both be hitting the grind.

Jack: Legends Can Die, I’m excited for the next Negative Man book.

Jeremy: I know you don’t have too much time as you’re in the midst of a work trip, but before we go, anything you want to tell your current readers, or maybe readers who will look you up for the first time?

Jack: For new readers, my books are crazy and fast. I don’t apologize for the source material and I hope you enjoy the fun that I try to bring. For current readers, is it cool if I drop a secret here?

Jeremy: This is your interview, you can do whatever you want.

Jack: Cool. At the conclusion of Witch Wars, the ride with the Grimm Family will keep on going. Armageddon is coming and we’ll be returning to ride with Derrick Grimm as he does everything in his power to stop it.

Jeremy: Wait, The Broken Seal… does that mean-

Jack: That’s all the time I got! Check out my links below!

Jeremy: Hey, I’m the host! Crosby? Jack, get back here you fool! I have questions!

Jack’s information:



Email – jack.crosby25@gmail.com


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