The Negative Man: Detonation Games #10

Number 10… we’ve made it to the halfway point, readers.  I do hope you’re enjoying Heather’s story so far, as it has been great fun to write.  I must warn you, the second half of her tale gets a bit more dark, so be on the look out for that to happen.

Other than that, just a bit of news to pass along.  Legends can Die is official in the draft stage.  With the holidays fast approaching, it may take a bit to get the first draft up and running, but everything is progressing well.  Look for more updates after the first of the year when things will start ramping back up.

With the daily notes out of the way, we’ve got a story to read…

Detonation Games Cover

Issue #10 – Midnight Meeting

It wasn’t hard once I had his name to find the residence of City Commissioner Tom Armstrong. It was a few minutes after midnight and I was across the street, looking on to his front door from the relative obscurity of the park.  There was one light on, in the master bedroom on the second floor.  Unfortunately, all the cell phones in the house were powered off.  There went assassination plan number one.

The moment the second story light went out, a window opened on the other side of the house. A girl, no more than seventeen was sliding out of it and gracefully dropping down to the grass below.  She gave one last look back, to make sure no one saw her, and then she took off towards me in the park.  But it wasn’t me she was going to meet.  There was a boy not too far from me.

The girl rushed by my spot, still none the wiser that I was there. She embraced the boy and kissed him.  The moment they broke away, I detonated the cell phone in his pocket.  He never saw it coming.

Shock was etched on her face as the boy, who was just standing there, kissing her, was nothing more than a blood stain on the grass. Body parts were scattered everywhere, blood on her pale face.  I could’ve killed her, too, but I wanted those who opposed me to suffer.  “You can blame your stepdad for this.”

My voice brought her out of her revere. The wind in the area picked up and people were beginning to fill the streets to see what happened.  Dust Devil found me, “You!  I’ll kill you!”

The young, hot headed super, was no match for me without her stepdad. I tossed two cellphones into the air and the wind brought them close to her.  The concussive force of the two explosions knocked her out and the wind stopped with it.  I walked over to her body, I had to do this quickly before anyone figured out where the disturbances were coming from.

I picked her up and ran back to the Armstrong residence. The light was back on the master bedroom and I dumped her body on the porch.  I gave a quick knock and heard footsteps racing down the stairs.  When Tom Armstrong opened the door, he gasped for air.  “What have you done?”

“Your little girl is still alive,” I said as his face relaxed just a bit. “Too bad the same can’t be said for her secret boyfriend.”

Armstrong grabbed his daughter and pushed her unconscious body into the house. He slammed the door shut, leaving the two of us on the porch.  “You’ve crossed the line-“

I held up a red, blinking phone. “You’re done talking, only listening.”  The fact he was so close made it impossible for him to attack me before the bomb would go off.  “Leave me and my crew alone and no one else in this tiny little town gets hurt, understand?”

His face was red with rage. “How dare you, how dare you come to my home and do this to my family!”

I held the phone a little bit closer. “I don’t think you get just how serious I am.  I’m being lenient tonight, tomorrow could be a whole different story.”

Even as he fumed, he said nothing. Seeing as how this meeting wasn’t going anywhere any faster, I sat the phone down on a small glass top table.  “I’m just going to leave this here, as a reminder tonight.  Don’t try to follow me or you are dead, too.”

I walked off the porch and began to make my way back to the hotel. Armstrong hollered after me, “Kill us now you coward!  Your boyfriend would have, you horrible bitch!”  His temper tantrum continued until I was out of earshot.  At some point, he became incoherent and almost too profane, even for me.

He was right in one aspect, there was no doubt in my mind Jericho would’ve killed the both of them. Unfortunately for Armstrong and his stepdaughter, I enjoyed the fear and panic my abilities brought for more than Jericho ever did.


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  1. Jamie says:

    Loving these stories! I can’t wait to see where this goes!

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