Book Review – The Wandering Star by A.L. Mengel

So I just finished another book that I really enjoyed. I’m kicking the 2016 reading list’s butt at this point. I have 2 more books to get through and then I can drop that mic.

Back to the book I just finished, The Wandering Star by A.L. Mengel. Wow, what a sci-fi ride that one took me on. I’d rank it beside Jeff Trelewicz’s The Time Traveler’s Journal as the best sci-fi books I’ve read this year. The premise for this one is ‘what if the Earth stopped rotating.’


Good speculative fiction can be hard to come by, but when it is done write, it is brilliant to read. The cast of characters Mengel took the time to craft is in genius. Jeremiah, the main character, is believable in his emotions and very easy to get behind. It is uncanny watching him navigate underground societies and the harsh environment that has become the surface. Just imagine for a minute – six months of daylight followed by six months of darkness.

With any good book, the ending was perfectly paced and delivered a knock out punch. It ended this story completely and set up the next book. I for one can’t wait!

Well, if you’d like to try A.L.’s book, The Wandering Star, for yourself, here is the link:

A few programming notes:

With next week being Thanksgiving, Detonation Games will be posted on Wednesday instead of Thursday.

Also look for info on preordering Hat Trick come Monday!

That’s it for this week.  Have a great weekend everyone and let’s get ready for turkey!!!




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