The Negative Man: Detonation Games #11

Gobble gobble people! Since tomorrow is Turkey Day, we’re moving Detonation Games up a day this week and then I’ll be out until Monday. I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday weekend. And do yourselves a favor, eat a lot of pie.

Detonation Games Cover

Issue #11 – Planning a Heist

My midnight jaunt didn’t go unnoticed the next morning. It was all over the news, feared freak phone bomber from Pacific Station has come to Indian Point.  Zed and the rest of the Fatal Five didn’t care, but seeing my face on the television with a large reward associated with information leading to my capture or death exhilarated me.  I was ready to do more…

Zed was busy explaining to his brothers what to expect once they breached the museum’s outer security. None of that was my concern.  I knew my job as to act as the bodyguard outside.  There were no chances now that Sandstorm and Dust Devil weren’t showing up.  I had taunted them, sent them over the brink.  An opponent who is too angry to make rational decisions is an opponent that is easily defeated.

It appeared Zed was done with the inside part of the plan. He didn’t want to touch me, but he was trying to get my attention.  “Heather, are you there?”

I was well aware of my surroundings; I just was enjoying the mental images of Sandstorm’s burning body as Dust Devil looked on. My own private Saturday morning cartoon if you will.  “I’m here.  I know what I need to do.”

He circled an area just behind the front door to the museum. “The security office is right there.  They employ five guards that rotate between the control room and patrol.  If you can snuff out the control room as soon as possible, we’ll take care of the rovers.”


He looked a tad uncertain, possibly scared. “Once they are out of the picture, Sandstorm and his little bitch sidekick will probably try to come in through the back.”  I don’t know why he circled the back entrance, but he did.  “The tight confines should work well in your favor.”

There was a narrow alleyway that led to the back of the museum. It was obviously big enough for a small truck or van to squeeze in and out of, but that was it.  The back entrance had a small loading dock, the main one was on the east side of the building, but there wasn’t much room.  There’d be nowhere to hide once the explosions begun.  “How long will it take you to get the diamond and be ready to move out?”

“Once we enter the building and security is taken care of, fifteen minutes.”

There was almost no chance that the museum didn’t have a silent alarm. As soon as I engaged the guards in the control room, the countdown for backup to arrive would be on.  Judging on their probable reaction time, I’d be engaged with Sandstorm and Dust Devil alone for eight to ten minutes.  “Perfect.  I don’t want to let them off without some suffering.”

One of the other brothers, Zach I think, shuddered. Zed gave him a tiny nod.  “You know, you scare the shit outta us.”

I gave them what I thought was a warm smile – it probably wasn’t. “Good.”


There was less than an hour until we rolled out. I had restocked on disposal cell phones, making sure each had plenty of charge to them.  As I took out my uniform from my bag, something fell with it – a pair of goggles that were similar to what The Dark Lion used to wear.  Why hadn’t I seen these before?

I looked inside my bag only to see a small, folded, yellow piece of paper at the bottom. This was getting too weird.  Opening it,


I know I spend way too much time in my workshop, I do. However, it’s all for good reasons.  Soon, I’ll have the electron gauntlet perfected as well as a few other surprises.  One of them is these; I call them Blast Eyes.  The yellow glass is tempered to break through the color spectrum and allow you to see, even through an explosion.

I’m going to hide them in your bag for now. If for some reason you discover them before I had the chance to give them to you, well, “Happy Anniversary earlier.”



I held on to the goggles for quite some time before pulling myself together and placing them on my head. Even though he was hundreds of miles away and comatose, Jericho was still watching over me.  With him still supporting me, I pledged to myself to finish this job and break him out the moment it was over.



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