The Negative Man: Detonation Games #12

And welcome back. Oh by the way, did I mention that there is a new Negative Man novella coming out next week? I didn’t?! Well for shame on me…

For those of you following along with the series, next week, this of this as book 2.5 – Prelude to Chaos. It takes us back to the very beginning and explains how Jericho and The Dark Lion met. There are a ton of spoilers and, believe it or not, the book ends as we lead into Legends Can Die, coming this spring.


Wow, there’s been a lot happening lately and I feel like my pursuits are really starting to take off. You’ve guys have been with me from Day 1 and I thank you. I think 2017 is going to be rocking, so let’s stay on this crazy train, shall we?

With all of that out of the way, on to our featured presentation:

Detonation Games Cover

Issue #12 – Fight Club

Zed’s voice came over my earpiece. “We’re in.  Detonate, the front is all yours.”

I strolled right up to the door and pushed it open. Zed had already taken care of the magnetic locks the museum used for their doors.  The alarms didn’t go off, allowing me to walk into the control office without so much as a whisper of trouble.  There were two guards sitting inside, talking about the latest sports car about to hit the market.

Not wanting to waste my explosives on them, “Excuse me, boys,” I said ever so politely. They turned around, shocked to see someone here.  “Can either of you tell me how to find the bathroom?”

I was in full gear, so my identity was no secret to them. The guard on the left, a shorter Hispanic man, grabbed his gun and pointed it at me.  “Detonate… you’re under arrest!”

“Sorry, not today I’m not.”

Jericho had taught me a lot of things, but hand to hand combat, there I was superior to him. I immediately dropped to the ground as they began to unload their weapons.  Bullets went over me, and I used my momentum to roll forward, punching each in the groin.  Both guards dropped their weapons, hobbling over in pain.

What I hadn’t expected was a third guard to get the drop on me. A baton crashed on to my shoulder, sending me sprawling to the ground.  Waves of pain overcame me; my shoulder was dislocated.  There was only one thing to do.  I needed to create some separation between me and the guards for a moment, so I could put it back in place.

I swept the guard’s legs out from under him with a spin kick. He landed hard on his backside, leaving a clear way out of the room.  I took it and fell against the wall in the hallway.  Once before, in college, I had to put my shoulder back in during a softball game.  Using the same upward jerk motion I used back then, I put it back in.  I had to hold back my tears, as nothing is worse than setting your own shoulder.

The relief was almost immediate. No sooner did I have control of myself again, two guards stormed out of the office with weapons drawn.  I assumed they thought I fled and wouldn’t be so close, as they weren’t ready for the kicks to the knees and the punches to the throat.  I kicked away their guns.  “This will go so much easier if you both just give up.”

Interrupted in my ear, “Detonate, are you finished?”

I didn’t want the guards to suspect anything, so I flipped down my glasses and pushed them back into the control room. I tossed a phone in and slammed the door shut.  Moments later, an explosion rocked the front of the museum.  “Yes Zed, three guards are no longer threats.”

He was talking to someone else, so I didn’t catch what he said right away. He returned to the coms, for my benefit.  “Copy that.  We’re starting the removal of the Desert Diamond.  Sandstorm and Dust Devil will probably be here any minute.”

I was quite upset having to use an explosive to rid myself of the guards. Still, considering what happened to my shoulder, it was a small price to pay to keep the plan running smoothly.  I exited from the front and ran as quick as I could to the next checkpoint.  No more than a minute after I arrived did Sandstorm and Dust Devil.

There was a crazed look to them, Dust Devil in particular. They expected to run into me, probably hoped to do so.  Now that the moment was here, the tension was almost as thick as a humid night in Pacific Station.

There was going to be no pleasantries exchanged this time. Both of them wanted me dead for what I did, or maybe even more so, for what I knew.  Their identities belonged to me and as a super; your true identity was your weak point.  With that in mind, it was no surprise that Sandstorm reached down and brought forth the biggest wall of sand he could muster.  And just as quickly, he sent the wave of death towards me, with Dust Devil adding her ability to power it.



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