The Negative Man: Detonation Games #14

Detonation Games Cover

Issue #14 – Under Fire


As the wall encroached towards me, one of my cell bombs was sucked into it. The moment it reached its pinnacle, ready to break and fall down, the phone went off sending sand everywhere.  Both of them looked on in shock that their combined efforts were so easily cast aside.

“That may have worked on another super, but you forget who taught me.” It was my turn to light things up.  “He’s probably the same man who made you hide out here, in Indian Point, rather than help The Dark Lion at any point.”  I whipped one of my little explosives at them.  Sandstorm tackled Dust Devil to the ground, avoiding the explosions, but not the rubble that fell.

Dust Devil was able to shake free of the brick and mortar, but Sandstorm was stuck. Dust Devil rocketed her hands up into the air and all the sand that was lying around us rose with them.  I couldn’t see her through all the particles of sand blowing around, so I did the logical thing, I took shelter in the loading dock.

This distraction was obviously put in place to keep me pinned down while she freed her step-father. I had two choices; let them work themselves free or try to navigate the sand and find them.  Fortune favors the bold, so I flipped down my new goggles, hoping they’d keep the sand out of my eyes.

I found my way to the brick wall of the adjacent building to the museum. I inched around it and I felt the first signs of an explosion impact.  The loose brick and chunks missing told me I was really close to Sandstorm and Dust Devil.  I unhooked the next phone and lightly tossed it into the sand cloud.  I dove out of the way and let it go.

I heard two distinct screams and all the sand fell back to the ground, clearing up my vision. My bomb had been pretty close to target; Sandstorm was no longer under rubble, but his limp body was sitting at an odd angle of the ground.  A few feet over, Dust Devil was looking concussed.  Her eyes were completely unfocused and she couldn’t even push herself up.

I unhooked another bomb. I was planning on putting an end to both of them, if Sand Storm wasn’t dead anyways, but from behind me, I heard Zed yell.  “We’ve got to get moving!  The cops are on their way!”

Civilian police didn’t scare me. “I’m so close to killing these two.  Give me just a minute.”

“We’re leaving, one way or the other. If you want to save your boyfriend with our help, I suggest you follow.”

Jericho. He was the real reason I was here.  I gave one last hateful glance at the two pathetic supers and congratulated them on surviving another day.  “It’s a shame I won’t be able to finish what I started.  Maybe one day…”

I followed the Fatal Five out and back to the van. Zeke was holding a large sack that must have had the Desert Diamond inside.  As the van door shut, Zed fired up the ignition and slammed on the gas.  It struck me as odd why they were ready to run instead of fight the police.

Finding a spot in the passenger seat, “We could just kill all of them, you know?”

“Under normal circumstances, yeah that’s the plan.” Zed turned down the next street and kept the pace up.  “But we heard something over the scanner that I doubt we can even handle.”

This piqued my curiosity. “What could the police have here that makes fleeing the best alternative?”

His eyes never left the road, even as he told me. “I heard a cop ask the chief if he should activate Alpha, the Indian Point version of Titan.  The same damn nightmare that your old city used against supers.”

My blood went cold – Titan, better known as Diana Krummel, was a super that actually genetically changed when her powers were activated. “Are you completely sure?”

From the cargo area, “Zed,” I think it was Zane. “We have a very high energy reading coming in hot.”

Zed pushed the accelerator down as far as it would go. “I think we’re about to find out.”

Another Titan… this wasn’t good.


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