The Negative Man: Detonation Games #15

Detonation Games Cover

Issue #15 – Alpha Omega


The sound was that of an airplane landing. The metallic creature landed directly in front of us, causing Zed to slam on the brakes before we slammed into it.  In a red and gold armored suit, Alpha was standing in front of us with its arms raised and blasters pointed at Zed and myself.

In a cold, hollow voice, “You are all under arrest. Resistance will not work.”

I wasn’t about to be taken in by some freak of nature. “C’mon Zed, we can take this thing.”

“Fatal Five, you heard her!” All five brothers hopped out of the van and, even before I could join them, had transformed into their giant single entity.

No matter how many times I’d see it, their combined form was still hard to take in. Facial features and the occasion limb would jut out from time to time.  It was like a swirling vortex, an incomplete painting.  The raw power of the form though, that was a sight to behold.  A massive hand smashed down on to Alpha as it tried to fire off the first shot.  The armored cop had to abandon that plan and fight back.  You could hear its gears working overtime to fight back against them power of five.

This gave me a chance to strike. A well placed phone right under the ribs went off and knocked Alpha down. Prone, the Fatal Five monster formed a fist and began to punch Alpha over and over again.  It was hard to tell if they were making any headway, but I didn’t think this form responded well to reason.

On the fifth punch, Alpha fought back. It met the oversized fist with its own two and pushed back.  It didn’t stop pushing until it returned to its feet and forced the Fatal Five to break away.  I hadn’t expected that.  Neither did the Fatal Five, either.  Alpha, making the most of the situation, grabbed its blaster and fired two shots into the monster.

Once again, I was the forgotten player on the field. Just like when I was with Jericho, everyone assumed I wasn’t the dangerous one.  Whether it was because I’m a woman or maybe my slender physique, no one gave me respect.  Well Alpha was about to learn the follies in that, yet again.

Jericho always preached to me let my skills evolve. He was in the middle of teaching me what all I could do with them when I lost him to Black Lagoon and The Morning Lynx.  I’d been neglectful in reaching my full operating capacity.  Against a foe like Alpha, this was the perfect place to remember my old lessons.

He always told me that one’s true power was located in a person’s deepest subconscious, a place people can rarely tap into on purpose. As Alpha turned his gun towards me, I looked inside to see what my body was hiding.  An exploding cell phone wasn’t the answer to stopping him.  Then, like a beacon in the night, the answer came to me as the gun powered up.

Through my almost telekinetic link to the phones around me, I picked up six different signals, two from me, three from the Fatal Five, and a deactivated one coming from Alpha. Instead of causing them to explode (the activated ones, that is), a new energy came from them.

All six phones immediately came to me, like I was a magnetic for them. Blue arcs of electricity formed between them as the encircled me.  The arcs, which reminded me of Jericho’s negative energy, formed a circular web around me as the phones rotated clockwise.  Alpha’s blasts were absorbed into the new shield, a power that I never anticipated in having.

It wasn’t just their absorption properties either that made this dome of electricity amazing. Instincts told me there were offensive capabilities as well.  As the energy surrounded me, I directed it to issue blasts at Alpha.  When I did, the phones would light up and fire direct bursts of this energy at the creature.  Over and over again I blasted it until it fell to one knee.  The red and gold armor was smoking and Alpha never saw the end as the Fatal Five grabbed it on both sides and crushed it like a tin can.

The one thing I couldn’t help but notice was the difference in power from Titan to Alpha. Alpha could hold its own, for sure, but it wasn’t even close to the levels Titan was.  It was a perfect replica, just a weaker version of the original.

As Alpha died, it morphed back into a cop, blue uniform and all. With the threat over, the real question from this encounter needed to be answered: how was it possible for this mutation to be had by a second person?

From my understanding, every super’s powers were different – some were similar but never a perfect match. Like DNA, we each had our own markers, and they were never the same, never a direct copy…

Until now.


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