The Negative Man: Detonation Games #16


Where the hell is the Detonation Games you promised us? C’mon man, get with it.


As Lucas so rightly put it, I dropped the ball. Well Mondays are as good a day as ever to right some wrongs, so here we go! Two part Monday! Here comes #16 followed up quickly with # 17. Enjoy!

Detonation Games Cover

Issue #16 – Never Say Never

Indian Point was behind us. The bad taste about Alpha was still lingering in my mouth.  Just how did another freak like Titan exist?  Once I broke Jericho out of Black Lagoon, that would have to be our number one priority.

The Fatal Five was celebrating their score. The Desert Diamond was a huge rock, that was for sure.  I have to say I was surprised by the sheer size of it.  It was currently sitting inside a well-protected crate with four of the brothers standing guard around it in the back of the van.

Zed couldn’t contain his enthusiasm. “We are set for life, brother.  After everything we’ve done, what a way to retire!”

Sure this thing was worth a lot of money, but how would they liquidate it to gain assets? “What are you going to do with it?  It won’t be long before the Desert Diamond is listed as stolen and hot property.”

“Here, yes. Now my fence across the pond…”  His eye slit up.  “That man works magic.  We’ll have millions by the end of the week.”

Of course, that made sense. As I was thinking about that, I didn’t even notice that the wind was beginning to pick up.  It wasn’t until Zed lost control of the wheel that it brought me back into the present.  “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know where this wind storm came from.”

I did. “Stop the vehicle.”  IT seemed a certain teenage girl had figured out where we were going and was waiting for us.  Zed slammed the brake and stopped the van.  As I opened the passenger side door, “You stay here.  This is my business.”

I got no complaints and I dropped down to the sandy ground that jutted up against the highway. Across from me, no more than fifty feet, was Dust Devil.  As soon as I was free of the van, she took off in a wind aided sprint towards me.  This little girl was going to get a very hard lesson in superiority.

I had to hold myself steady against the oncoming wind. As Dust Devil came into range, I grabbed her by the arm and slammed her into the van.  It was even more satisfying because I’d been able to use her own wind against her.  The van rocked back and forth a bit, but only a small dent showed up.  She fell down, crumbling upon impact.

“Oh I hope you can do much better than that.”

She picked herself up and dusted the sand of her uniform. “I will kill you.”

Words only got a person so far. “Your boyfriend was nothing personal, just my way of showing how much control I have over each situation.”

“You killed more than just my boyfriend… you killed Sandstorm!”

Ohhh, so this righteous indignation was because her beloved step-father was dead. I actually got a chill down my spine, knowing the great Sandstorm was dead.  “You two shouldn’t have gotten involved.  You were both out of your league with me.”

Wind whipped in the area again. “Good always triumphs over evil.  And you’re as evil as they come, bitch.”

It was going to be so hard to destroy her perfect little view of the world, but it had to be done. “Take it from me, there’s no such thing as good and evil.  The things I could tell you about the great Dark Lion would make your skin crawl.”  She closed her eyes as if that would stop her from hearing my words.  “And not to mention the fact that The Negative Man killed him.  So tell me sweetheart,” it was really time to twist the dagger, “where in your narrative do you still believe good triumphs over evil?”

“In the narrative I’m writing…” That’s when she opened her jacket up and revealed she was wired with enough C-4 to level two or three city blocks.  I never even noticed the dead man switch that was wrapped up in her left hand.  “When good is willing to die for the greater cause, it will take evil with it.”

Then she let go of the dead man’s switch…

Stay tuned, another edition of Detonation Games is coming right back at ya!

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