Origins: Ronald Victory

Man, did I open the can of worms last week when I posted the bit about The Dark Lion being based on my uncle. The flood of emails came in with readers wanting to know who everyone from Jericho to a minor character named Mike Blackfield was based on (p.s. – Mike is based on one of my best friends. He is a good guy, so he says…).

However, it’s a character that appeared at the very end of Prelude to Chaos named Ronald Victory that’s sparked quite a few theories. So, you’re good pal Jeremy is here to clear a few things up:

Character Bio: Ronald Victory

Based on: My evil 7th grade science Mr. Taylor

Powers: None

Bio: The current Secretary of Defense, Victory is a man with political aspirations and convictions. He believes the powered population represents a threat to the country’s way of life – mainly due to The Negative Man and the vast number of crimes he’s committed. Victory takes his job very seriously and, beneath all the subterfuge, believes he is doing the right thing for the country when it comes to supers.


Yep – there you have it. I know, I know, the name Ronald Victory seems like bait and well, it is. My own personal sense of humor led me to naming one of the primary players in Legends Can Die as such. Just call me mischievous, I guess. So, believe me when I tell you that there’s no hidden political agendas happening. Nope, it’s more about getting revenge on a teacher that was Satan’s spawn to me and my class and my own twisted enjoyment that he probably has no idea the depths of my dislike towards him all these years later.

Real quick – on Thursday I’ll be dropping the Legends Can Die cover right here for everyone to see. Come on back; it’s a good one!


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