Down Goes Frazier: GGG vs Jacobs

down goes frazier

Ahh yes, fight week. It’s been a while since a fight has stoked my interest. Thurman vs Garcia? Nah, those two guys to me were a bit overhyped and the fight was truly underwhelming. Vladdy vs Joshua next month? It’s a big time heavyweight fight, so yeah, I should be excited but I’m not. Vlad is old and Joshua is mildly untested, so the trainwreck factor is there. And for the love of God, don’t get me started on Canelo vs Chavez, Jr.

Now GGG vs Danny Jacobs? You bet, this is a grade A fight – the fight boxing needs. Two guys in their primes who bring the heat. With Jacobs, we also get that ‘is he chinny?’ factor. Over the past few weeks, you’ve had to see him getting sparked by Pirog back in 2010. Talk about a perfect punch that put him on dream street. However, the true question about his chin comes from the fact he tasted canvas against Sergio Mora of all people. Mora has about as much power as a wet pool noodle, so that’s where a lot of people are skeptical that Jacobs can hang with GGG.

With GGG, we have a guy who has run roughshod over an entire division. He is so feared that Canelo ran back down to 154lbs to avoid him, before blowing up to 164.5 pounds to take on the spokesman for In-N-Out Burger. Still questions remain about his opposition. Kell Brook took an awful beating, but he was just a welterweight. Dominic Wade had no business in the ring with him and it showed. The list can go on and on if you’re talking to the wrong person.

So let’s just sum this up with two simple facts. Jacobs is the best fighter GGG has squared off against. GGG is the best fighter Jacobs has shared a ring with. Something has to give:

GGG 9th round KO in a barn burner.


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