The Barry Allen Proposal

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Just imagine for a second. Last night, around the world, a lot of long time boyfriends/girlfriends were sitting around watching The Flash. It was a bit of a weird episode with the whole musical flair thing happening. Then comes the end, when Barry breaks out into song with just Iris at their apartment. How many significant others swooned for a moment as that took place?

Then it happened, he proposed to her fo’ realz this time. Iris, who was just serenaded, instantly says yes. At that moment, millions of anxious boyfriends, significant others, etc… let out their collective groans. After witnessing that, just how in the hell is anyone supposed to top that.

You can’t.

Let’s be frank – Grant Gustin is a hell of a singer and, unless you’re in the 1% of people who can really belt it (not the karaoke lounge singer that people just smile at), you’re not pulling that one off. However, have no fear, we’ve got some pretty decent options to still exploit.

Here we go with a few gimmick proposals that might take his/her mind off of the epic crap Barry Allen just pulled!


This one is pure genius. Set up a reservation at one of those fancy restaurants that let’s you play with crayons on the paper table cloth. Obviously, when you bring up the subject of playing Hangman, don’t immediately jump to the puzzle, “Will you marry me?” No, slow burn it out a few games to drop any suspicions. Then, once the trap is set, drop the bomb!

Scavenger Hunt

Raise your hand if you hate scavenger hunts. See, no one hates them. What can start off as a simple clue here or there can turn elaborate real quick. Make sure none of the clues actually give away the grand plan. Get someone else in on it to; really throw the scent off of you and your machinations. Just make sure it’s not too convoluted and your s.o. doesn’t end up three counties over.

The Rube Goldberg Device

Another favorite, this one takes some mechanical skill and execution. As soon as your mark opens the door to come home, or over, or whatever, it sets off this elaborate device the ends up with a ring popping out and you being ready to ask the big question. The usage of things like dominoes, to strings, to even bowling balls to get the figurative ball rolling are excellent options. Just YouTube Rube Goldberg device and start crafting your ultimate plan today!

What gimmicks should never, ever be used? Here is a quick list:

  • skywriting
  • stadium jumbo-trons
  • at the bottom of a wine glass
  • in a dessert
  • in front of family members
  • flash mobs
  • on social media

Yep, those are seriously bad idea. Not that mine are any better, but you’ll at least rack up points for creativity.

How did I do it? I went the more traditional route and proposed to Steph under the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. Sometimes the simple route is also the best.



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I'm a comic loving, soccer playing, devoted husband who has a writing addiction. I can be found at Orlando Solar Bear hockey games, at the local sports bar cheering on my teams from Philly (go Flyers!), and being led astray by my schnauzer, JJ. Check out my Amazon page at to see my collections. Feel free to friend me on Facebook too at (there is another one of me out there apparently). Outside of writing, I work in business development and am considered an expert in all things Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Thanks for stopping by and looking forward to talking to you soon!
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