The Great HR Wells Theory (Flash Spoilers)

If you haven’t seen last night’s Flash, leave now.


Okay, so we saw at the very end that the future couldn’t be stopped, the Iris West is dead. Team Flash tried everything but still failed.

Or did they? Or more specifically, did HR succeed where everyone else failed.

Let’s go back to the middle of the episode where Barry pretends to be Lyla by using that transmognifier thing from HR’s Earth. We haven’t seen that thing in forever and all of a sudden is becomes a major plot point? Yep, foreshadowing people.

Flash forward to Cisco and HR talking. Cisco gives him a pep talk about how HR’s job is to “hold down the fort.” That’s just what HR does. He’s annoying, goofy, and semi-unlikable half the time. But he’s also been around heroes and learned from them. He’s grown as a character. He wants to do something, anything to protect the team.

And of course he does! Can you imagine the guilt he was holding at the end due to his honest mistake of telling SaviBarry where Iris was? Sure, no one blames he and they shouldn’t, but he blames himself. In his mind, he’s the reason that Iris will die.

So, my theory is, HR does the only thing he can. When we see him looking at that piece of SaviBarry’s armor, a plan forms. He uses the transmognifier to take on Iris West’s appearance, sacrificing himself to save her. That would be a true hero’s death, something worthy of a character like HR.

How does it happen then? Maybe he enlists Gypsy to help him make the switch while Barry is trying to blast SaviBarry with the speed bazooka. Maybe we underestimate how savvy he is and he’s able to sneak on to the battlefield and make the swap. Either way, HR takes her place by the time SaviBarry gets back to finish the job.

Let’s face it, it very well could be his fate. He can’t go home (he’d be executed – this is why I think Gypsy would help him) and if he stays on Team Flash, Tracy will want to stay too, ruining her future. HR’s a stand-up guy. He’d never let that happen.

So in the end, I think HR’s dead and Iris is still alive. I guess we will find out next Tuesday at 8 if I’m right about this one. Hey, I was wrong about Eddie Thawne as Zoom but so far this year I was spot on with Malfoy being Alchemy and future Barry being Savitar. Could I be three for three in Season Three?

Speaking of – where was Malfoy last night? Hmmmm…


I can be bad too, Killer Frost my love



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