Countdown to Legends

July 4th seems so far away, yet as my editor told me, we’re on the clock. I should preference everything moving forward that I absolutely love the way Legends Can Die came together. As a writer, a lot of times you worry that the second, or third book of a series won’t meet expectations. Stormfall raised the bar and now Legends Can Die blew it out of the water.

*Before moving on in the blog, realize spoilers for City of Chaos and Stormfall are about to be shared*

Legends Can Die

What your here for is the added content. Today, we’re going to hit the Way Back Button and talk about The Dark Lion. Yes, the old hero who bit the big one at the end of City of Chaos. It’s funny, but all these years later and it wouldn’t feel like a Negative Man book without John Wonderton appearing in some way, shape, or form. Yes his son Kyle, The Morning Lynx, sort of picked up on his dad’s role, but the real deal Dark Lion was the man.

DL will be appearing in Legends, in one way or another. His impact, not only on Pacific Station but Jericho, is one of the driving forces in the series. He was a beacon of hope with this dark cloud hovering over him. Hell, in the first action sequence we ever get, he kills Diamonds in a rather brutal manner.

One question I get a lot when I’m at a book show and I run into a reader whose caught up in the series is why did I kill off such an important character so early? I liken it a bit to the Obi-Wan syndrome – sometimes a character is more powerful in death than they were alive.

I hope you enjoyed this insight into both Legends and The Dark Lion. Before we go, let me hit you with The Dark Lion bio:

Real name: John Wonderton

Alias: The Dark Lion

Powers: Enhanced speed, reflexes, strength, and intellect

Greatest victory: Over The Negative Man at Waves Part (1st Time)

Greatest regret: Never being the man he should’ve been to his love

History: John Wonderton started off as the hero of North Terrace, freeing the city from the terror of The Crimson Mask. After endangering the only woman he ever loved, he fled in the night to Pacific Station to start anew. He never knew he was a father to a son, Kyle, and that he inherited his dad’s genetics, becoming the super The Morning Lynx after his father died. He considered Jericho Staley one of his closest confidants, and friend.


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