Countdown to Legends: Paging Mr. Cintron…

Good Monday Morning readers! We are less than one month before we get to Legends Can Die and I’m excited for today’s character profile. Today we’ll be looking at a character that is so vile, I hope he comes across as the most hated dude in the book.

Legends Can Die

Before we meet him, a little bit of back story, shall we? Every good story needs a villain that’s a bit of a pretentious moron, you know? Kinda like Peter Pettigrew in Harry Potter. These characters don’t have any extraordinary power, they rarely do anything worthwhile, and for the most part, the end up getting exactly what they deserve. They would block you on Twitter for making fun of their sports team/political views. I like to call them “The Ratfinks.”

The Ratfink in Legends Can Die is Ronald Victory’s press secretary, Miguel Cintron. When I wrote up my character profile for him before I began writing the novel, I put together a list of qualities that someone would need to have to be universally disliked. Here’s what I came up with:

  • a blowhard
  • self important
  • delusional
  • a coward
  • oblivious

The result was fantastic. I couldn’t be happier with the way Old Miguel turned out in these pages and the fate awaiting him is divine. With that in mind, our character bio:

Name: Miguel Cintron

Powers: None

Position: Press secretary, Ronald Victory


Cintron somehow wormed his way up the political ladder through backstabbing and blackmail to get to where he is. Even as press secretary, Cintron continues to spread discord and disease wherever he can; and his boss loves it. At the start of Legends, Cintron is working with PSPD and The Morning Lynx to ensure Victory’s safety while he is in the city. Honestly, he probably should be more worried about his own…

Before I go, the rest of this week and next week will be dedicated to bringing you the entire novella, Prelude to Chaos. Look for two chapters each day, as the story is way too important not to read before getting your copy of Legends. As I said, that will start tomorrow, so I’ll see you all then!


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