The Negative Man: Prelude to Chaos (Chap 3)

Two days… it only took my two days to screw up and not post a chapter. And on #NegativeManThursday no less! Well to be fair, I remembered but by the time I did, I was neck deep in infant shenanigans, so I was like tomorrow! And here we are. So enjoy a two chapter blitz as we head into the weekend…


Chapter 3 –

Friday Night; Wonder-Tech Tower

Every camera in the city was at my disposal. I could see DL with each step he took, constantly shifting to the next camera to keep him in sight. He was fast, but even more than that, the man was agile. From my perspective as an enemy across the field of battle from him, I could never appreciate the grace in which he moved. From this bird’s eye angle, it was like watching poetry in motion.

There were no issues from Wonder-Tech Tower to the Wharf District. It was just another Friday evening in Pacific Station; people getting ready for a night on the town, enjoying pay day. No one was ever the wiser to what was passing right above their heads. To be fair to them, it was also close to the holidays and I’m sure they had their minds elsewhere, as well.

The WSB Manhattan was a sight to behold. The freighter ship was docked, a huge presence quietly sitting there in the water. How anyone would believe a ship like that would be used for just spices is beyond me. This was a ship that had purpose, that did jobs few others would do.

“Jericho, how’s the surrounding area look?”

A few scans from different angles showed no signs of trouble coming. “It’s all quiet from here. I don’t even see the transport yet.”

“Got it. I’ll be in touch soon.”

The transport was supposed to be there at eight thirty. It still had about ten minutes to get there on time. I just was under the assumption if you were trying to move plutonium, on time would’ve meant being early. Go figure. However, my experiences with our government had been less than ideal. I still harbored a lot of anger towards the program that produced me and took away the only man I would ever call dad.

The rumbling of a large truck shifted my eyes back to the screen. A black, diesel engine box truck rolled into the wharf and came to a stop near the freighter. “DL, the transport is here, west side of the freighter.”

Wonderton gracefully moved positions to a place that gave him a full view of everything going on. The men from the ship came out and checked the credentials of the transport. A few minutes later, when all the I’s were dotted and the T’s were crossed, the process to move the core from the ship to the truck began. It was a labor intensive process that required quite a few men. My heart skipped a beat when the core became visible. Oh, what I would’ve done to get my hands on that.

When everything was finished, the truck was locked up and the crew of the ship retreated back to the freighter. “DL, where are they taking this thing to?”

He chuckled into the comm. “The government isn’t one to let their plans be known. We just follow until it gets to its final destination.”

Following a large box truck through the city was surprisingly easy. I kind of wish I had snacks or something to pass the time. As it got closer to leaving the city limits, I began to think that this new villain DL mentioned wasn’t all the interested in making a name for himself. I was a tad disappointed.

As it was in the final straightaway leaving downtown and about to merge on to the highway, “DL, it’s a trap!” I always wanted to say that.


To the left of the onramp, I recognized the device, it was an EMP disrupter. “Someone’s about to shut down that truck’s engine.”

It was too late for us to do anything. The device, a localized one, went off and the truck’s engine kicked off. The large box truck just rolled until it lost momentum and stopped. The three men in the truck got out, guns pointing in every direction. I figured there was probably one more in the back on the truck, as a last resort.

A camera close to the scene was my first visual on the ones responsible. There were two figures moving into position, it looked like a man and woman. The larger of the two, he was wearing some odd get up that looked like it was out of a steampunk cosplay show. Beside him, the woman was dressed similar, but a bit more useful. Whereas the man was wearing a huge, crazy looking coat, his partner was more streamlined.

They moved out of the shadows and confronted the soldiers from the truck. “Ahhh, I’d put those guns away gentlemen.” His voice was whimsical and a bit annoying, like a coffee house poet. “You’re standing across from Valiant and Hilda, the Masters of Magic.”

“Oh give me a break, what amateurs,” I muttered.

It was apparently loud enough where DL heard me. “What did you say, Jericho?”

Not sure how he took it, “They appear to be some sort of amateur magician act. I hate those.”

“They are about to find out how much I hate them, too.” DL jumped down from his hidden perch, landing in-between the magicians and the soldiers. Against the moonlight, it was quite an impressive feat to watch. He stuck out an index finger, “You two rejects should just make your way back to whatever comic bookstore you bought all that garb from.”

Hilda giggled, a God’s honest giggle. “Valiant, I do not believe this one thinks we are the Masters of Magic they way we know us to be.”

The dofus in the coat gave his partner an over exaggerated bow. “I think a demonstration is in order, don’t you, Hilda?”

I had no idea what they were yammering about. “DL, I’d suggest taking the girl out first. Something about her is pinging my radar for being off.”

I think he was about to take my advice when her blue eyes began to glow. Mist filled just that area, limiting my visibility. “DL, DL, what’s going on down there?”

“Hell if I know, there’s no visibility. Switch to infrared.” There was silence, then a curse. “Shit, they’re gone.”

As the smoke began to clear, not only where Valiant and Hilda gone, but so was the box truck.


Part two is on the way!



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