Review – The Europa Effect

The Europa Effect by A.L. Mengel


In the sequel to The Wandering Star, The Europa Effect picks right back up where we left off. As always, I’m going to keep spoilers and plot details to a minimum to ensure no one’s reading experience is ruined, but I’ll give you the best review possible.

One of the things A.L. Mengel is known for is his brilliant usage of the environment as a major player in his books. That doesn’t change in Europa. Brief backstory from The Wandering Star, the Earth stopped rotating and the sun is about to die. The inhabitants of Earth need to get the hell out of dodge and that’s where we are.

This is 100% a cosmic mission of discovery. This might be a weird comparison, but The Vega Chronicles (the title of the series Europa belongs to) reminds me of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Exploration, mystery, the unknown, these are all integral parts of the story and blend together a fascinating plot.

To sum this up, A.L. Mengel has invested a lot of himself into this science fiction story. If you enjoy stories that take you on an adventure with the destination unknown, you’ll love The Vega Chronicles. Here is the link to the series for your reading enjoyment: A.L. Mengel’s Amazon page.



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