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More Norse Mythology, Kids!

Today’s blog topic comes courtesy of a reader email I received this morning: Jeremy, I finished Hat Trick over the weekend and needed to vent a bit. Number 1, why in the world didn’t Jack and Rumil have bigger roles … Continue reading

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Character Interview #8 – Rumil Darklighter

Me:  Another beautiful week and another Epic Interview!!  ::cue awesome guitar riff::  Today we have a very special guest, the ever deadly, yet also incredibly gorgeous, Rumil Darklighter!  Welcome to the Gamer Cave! RD:  Thank you for having me!  This place … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Thor

I got an email this morning asking me what the difference between the real Thor of mythology was like versus Marvel’s interpretation.  It’s actually a really good question and one I’ll be glad to do my best to answer. In … Continue reading

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Character Interview #2: Loki (Ragnarok on Ice)

JC: Today on the blog, we have one of the more popular figures in Norse Mythology Loki!  Good morning and welcome. LK: How did I get swindled into doing this again? JC: Hey man, I can’t help it you’re a … Continue reading

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Mt. Olympus vs Asgard

As some of you might already know, I’m a mythology nerd.  It all started back in the day, in college, when I took a myth class offered at UCF.  The professor was very passionate and each day he encouraged us … Continue reading

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