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More Norse Mythology, Kids!

Today’s blog topic comes courtesy of a reader email I received this morning: Jeremy, I finished Hat Trick over the weekend and needed to vent a bit. Number 1, why in the world didn’t Jack and Rumil have bigger roles … Continue reading

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Jack Crosby gets 5 Minutes in the Sin Bin!

Jeremy: It looks like we have another trouble maker on our hands. Jack Crosby, you’re in the box! Jack: What was my penalty? Fighting? Voting for myself for president? Jeremy: We’ll go with the second one. Who writes themselves in … Continue reading

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Epic Interviews! with Jeremy featuring Maggie (viewer discretion advised)

Jeremy:  (sips coffee) So the groundhog didn’t see it’s shadow?  Interesting. Jeff:  What are you doing? Jeremy:  Catching up on the news from the past month.  I like it get it over in one sitting.  Makes it easier on me. … Continue reading

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The Truth Behind the Valkyrie

Hey Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike!  Guess what day it is?!  Okay, so yeah happy hump day people.  I hope everyone has been relaxing and escaping the summer heat.  I’ve lived in Florida for twelve years now and the heat still … Continue reading

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