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Epic Interviews! With Jeremy – Hiring a new co-host!

Jeremy: Well it’s only your second week on the job and we have to hire a new co-host… Jeff: It’s totally not my fault!  How could I have known MBC would pay him top dollar to take over the Mid … Continue reading

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The Wintery Tale of Frothy the Snowman #1 (reader discretion advised)

Sing Along Everyone! “Frothy the Snowman loved to drink his beer, he even got behind the wheel and hit an eight point deer! Down in the village, with a bottle in his hand, he drank and played, all night and … Continue reading

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Podcasts and Ragnaroks

I am stoked, thrilled, all sorts of jubilant adjectives you can toss out there.  The two-day Penalty Kill event is soaring.  Yesterday, 225 people took advantage of the free offer with another 24 purchasing the original Power Play: Ragnarok on Ice.  … Continue reading

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Podcasts and Edits

It’s Thorsday everyone – the day dedicated to the God of Thunder himself.  I wish I had my own day of the week, Jereday.  We could insert it between Saturday and Sunday which would then give us a three-day weekend.  In that … Continue reading

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