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The Art of Advertising

Last night, an acquaintance of mine sounded off on Facebook lambasting authors for “wasting” their money with marketing campaigns. He used the lack of Return On Investment as the reason for all of us to stop throwing our money away. … Continue reading

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The Great HR Wells Theory (Flash Spoilers)

If you haven’t seen last night’s Flash, leave now. Okay, so we saw at the very end that the future couldn’t be stopped, the Iris West is dead. Team Flash tried everything but still failed. Or did they? Or more … Continue reading

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Who is Savitar?

Hey, I’m back everyone! After dealing with my yearly encounter with the plague, I’m finally feeling better today. Hurray for modern medicine and what-not. I think this deserves a surprise appearance from The Penalty Box Band! “We thought we were … Continue reading

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Zoom – You Fooled Us All

By now, if you’re a fan of The Flash, you know we’ve been duped once again.  Someone we all came to trust turned out to be this season’s big bad.  Yeah, I’m talking about you Jay Garrick.  First Wells screws … Continue reading

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2016 Book Schedule

So while watching Arrow last night, my wife and I came up with a good schedule for my book releases this year.  Honestly, this is all pretty tentative, so there is always that subject to change nonsense attached, but I’ll … Continue reading

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The Flash: Well, Barry wanted Zoom…

So, like me, you probably watched in anticipation last night of Zoom showing up.  For the first 45-50 minutes, we were left wondering just what the heck was going on.  We found out Well’s reason for fighting (and probably why … Continue reading

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