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Countdown to Legends: Paging Mr. Cintron…

Good Monday Morning readers! We are less than one month before we get to Legends Can Die and I’m excited for today’s character profile. Today we’ll be looking at a character that is so vile, I hope he comes across … Continue reading

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The Countdown to Legends Continues

As I continue my weekly blog edition counting down until the release of Legends Can Die, today I wanted to give props to a store near and dear to my heart. If you live around Orlando, Florida, there’s a comic … Continue reading

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Of Negative Men, Werewolves, and Demons (Book Updates!)

It feels like forever since I gave you guys the 411 on what I’m doing in the literary world. There’s actually a lot happening, so I felt today was as good as any to drop on by and get everyone … Continue reading

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The Lady Behind the Author

Last week was my five year anniversary to my wife, Steph. In those five amazing years, we’ve accomplished so much together: a house, started a family, launched my own author career, etc. However, the best stuff we’ve done together could … Continue reading

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Origins: The Dark Lion

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know recently I’ve been writing up little bio’s about characters in The Negative Man series that are based on friends. However, the one question I get a lot of is always, “who is … Continue reading

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The Penalty Box Welcomes Angela Morales!

Jeremy – Welcome to the Penalty Box, Angela Morales! How are you doing today? Angie – I’m doing great Jeremy, thank you. I’m happy to be here. Jeremy – We’re very happy to have you! First thing’s first, why don’t … Continue reading

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Jack Crosby gets 5 Minutes in the Sin Bin!

Jeremy: It looks like we have another trouble maker on our hands. Jack Crosby, you’re in the box! Jack: What was my penalty? Fighting? Voting for myself for president? Jeremy: We’ll go with the second one. Who writes themselves in … Continue reading

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