That Much Water by M.P. Ness

Morning Penalty Box goers!

Oh, I’m so thrilled with the news I get to share today that I’m not even going to bother with the normal small talk for the first few paragraphs. My buddy, M.P. Ness, just released his latest book through Bolt Publishing and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Between the cover art he designed and the way we were able to marry a few ideas we each had together, That Much Water is one of those releases that makes you sit back and sip a beer, proudly.


The basic synopsis of the story is our main character, Adam Penhale, finds himself in the desert, stranded only with a single bottle of water. He has no idea who, or even what, he is and that’s part of the beauty of the journey. We see Adam revert back to this primal, animalistic being and get to follow along as he rediscovers everything about himself: both the good and the bad.


Obviously, I don’t want to ruin too much of the story for you, but the ecological undertones M.P. blends in as well as just the captivating story he writes is sure to touch a lot of people and make the curious about certain social issues. If you’d like to check it out, you can go directly to M.P.’s Amazon page or click through the links over on Bolt’s homepage. Either way, I hope you give this story a chance – both Adam and you, the reader, deserve it.




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My Life as an Eagles Fan

“You’re the nicest Eagles fan I’ve ever met.”

Uhhhh, that’s the sentiment whenever I tell someone that I’m a Philadelphia Eagles fan ever since I’ve moved to Florida (circa 2001). Granted, the City of Brotherly Love has a bad reputation for poor sportsmanship, being a bit over the top, and just generally rowdy. Are some of those things true? Absolutely. But, ever since my team made it to the Super Bowl, there seems to be this general disdain of Eagles fans that kinda annoys me.


I grew up in a blue collar town, York, PA. York has the distinction of being a bit more Maryland than other parts of the state as Baltimore is the closest sports town to it (Sorry Harrisburg, the Senators don’t count). There were/are a lot of Ravens fans that populate the city ever since they defected from Cleveland. Worse, there are a loud contingent of Redskin fans there, plus your normal Cowboy bandwagon fans. Alas, as an Eagles fan, I was pretty much outnumbered growing up.

I didn’t care. I loved my Eagles as a kid. Randall Cunningham was a God among men as our starting QB is the late 80’s and early 90’s. We had the mean green defense in Jerome Brown and Reggie White. Those Eagles teams, led by the nastiest SOB you’d ever meet in Buddy Ryan, those teams were a force. Make it to the playoffs? You betcha. Actually win anything – not so much.


Then it all went downhill with the Rodney Peete days. God, those were some miserable days. As the 90’s kept moving and the dynasties shifted from the 49er’s to the Cowboys, it was a miserable time to wear green. Hell it still kind of is.

Enter Donovan McNabb. Ohh, Eagles fans weren’t pleased with his selection, as he wasn’t the name that a certain pot head from Texas was. But me, no I followed McNabb at Syracuse. “Dad, this guy is good,” I told my old man. Don’t worry, he’ll vouch for me. He’s a soulless Browns fan.

Sure enough, McNabb brought back some of the good times. A bunch of NFC Championship games, even a Super Bowl appearance against the Patriots at the start of 2005. Sure, we lost, but we were there. Maybe our luck was due to change.


So, here we are, thirteen years removed from our last Super Bowl visit. We’ve lost our starting quarterback in Wentz, we haven;t had Darren Sproles in forever, Jason Peters is down for the count, and the world hates us. Oh yeah, the Super Bowl is in Minnesota, the host team the Vikings. The same Vikings the Eagles blitzed out of Philly two Sundays ago and whose fans got some unwelcomed brotherly love. Yeah, this should be fun.

I’m excited, giddy even. Do I think Nick Foles has a chance to beat Tom Brady? Sure, anything is possible. The defense is strong and the running game is good. I’m holding out hope for a score in the 24-17 range. I think that’s where the Eagles can win it.

So yeah, I’m an Eagles fan. You might hate me for that, but it’s cool. If you came over to my place, I’d hand you a beer and grill you a burger. Some of us are good and decent people who happen to love a team with a sorted history.

And yes, I’d disown Jakson is he ever roots for the Cowboys, Redskins, or Giants.


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Editorial Review: The Mortician by A.L. Mengel

As many of you probably know through my Facebook page (, I’m about to embark on a book tour with fellow wordsmith, A.L. Mengel. #TakeAJourney2018 is about introducing us, the authors, to the world as well as our newest releases. For me that would be Malice of the Cross and for A.L., that would be The Mortician.

Before getting started, we both decided that reading the other’s book and giving it an honest review was the only fair thing to do. With that simple assignment in place, I downloaded the Kindle version and got to reading.

Two words – Holy Shit.

The Review

Rating (out of 4 hockey sticks) – hockey stickhockey stickhockey stickhockey stick

Summary –

Definitely not a book I should have been reading in the dark, late at night. A.L. calls this a period piece, but it is haunting; chills worthy haunting. Without getting into a whole lot of specifics, there is a section entitled The Seance. As I read that in its entirety one evening, I had goosebumps on my back and arms from start to finish. This book is a straight up horror, chiller-fest.

Our two main characters are Jacob, a master’s level college student with his band of merry men, and Ned McCracken, the original mortician. Jacob is from the present while Ned’s story takes place back in the earlier 1900’s, in Miami. How the two meet? Well, that’s for you to figure out as you read the book.

A.L. does a magnificent job with his scene descriptions. The third main character of this story is Waxely Mortuary. With its cryptic crematory chamber #7, the mortuary in itself plays a vital role. The eerie feel, the haunting decorations that may or may not mean anything, all of it is imposing. It reminds you of that haunted house at the end of the street that other kids would challenge you to spend all night at. You knew that place was haunted with something evil, yet there was a pull that kept making you come back to it.

The book is the beginning of a new series for Mengel, The Astral Files. It does have some tie-ins to his original series The Tales of Tartarus, but you don’t need to read that series to enjoy The Mortician.


Want to know more? Here are the links:

Book –

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Let’s Talk Reviews

Morning everyone! It’s Friday, so that counts for something, am I right? First, thanks to everyone who read my blog post about the challenges that came upon my family over the last few weeks. The kind words and encouragement are always valuable.

Today, I wanted to talk about something a lot of my friends ask me after they read my book – how do I leave you a review?

Reviews for both authors and readers are very intimidating. For an author, it is the readers feelings not only we are seeing, but the rest of the world. What if they hated the book? What if they found something wrong that I didn’t, or the editor didn’t? Yep, every time an author sees a new review pop up, some self doubt creeps in.

But, believe it or not my fellow scribes, readers are just as intimidated with reviews as we are. Popular questions I get are along the lines of, what do I write and what if it doesn’t sound good. Hopefully, I can answer both of those rather quickly.

  1. What do I write? Write exactly what you feel when you see the book. Did it make you laugh, scare you, or any other emotion? If it did, put that. List your favorite character or scene. That’s all you have to do. If you didn’t like the book, say why too. An author can’t correct problems if no one is willing to tell the truth.
  2. What if it doesn’t sound good? You’re a reader, not a writer. As long as your honest, whether you write two paragraphs or five or six words, that’s all that matters. Some of the worst reviews out there are giant fluff pieces written by people who never read the book. Just tell it like it is and it’ll sound perfect.

Reviews matter, everyone. Amazon takes them into account, readers view them before making a selection, and advertising sites expect books to have a certain threshold before they will put them up. If you read a book and it made you feel strongly one way or another, don’t be afraid to take the plunge and write a review. You’ll find you probably enjoy it and the author who’s book you read will be forever grateful.


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Those Defining Moments

You know what’s a kick to the butt, especially before the holiday season begins? Being laid off. Yep, that happened to this guy on December 1st, 2017. It was a regular old Friday, or so I thought. I’d been making plans with co-workers on how to spend some time together during the festive season, even picking out gifts for my wife and one year old son, Jak. At 2:45 in the afternoon, the manager of the location my office happened to be in called me downstairs.

“Sorry Jeremy, effective immediately, your employment has been terminated.”

Twelve years, working to make ends meet and doing a bang up job came crashing down in a matter of five minutes. Sure, the people telling me felt bad about the situation, but they were expressing pity. Just typing the word gives me unwanted feelings. They still had their jobs, a way to support their families. I did not. I will be the first to admit I cried when it happened. I’d let down my family, my entire professional career down the drain.

Steph was a warrior throughout the time. If it wasn’t for her love, I don’t know what I would’ve done. Thank the Lord Jak’s too young to understand what’s happening, because no child should ever have to see their father in such a distraught state. Through the eyes of a one year old, he was getting hugs, loves, and kisses so everything was as it should be.

Me, I ran the range of emotions. After the pain came the anger. I was mad at everyone involved, including myself. Why had I stayed loyal to these people? Phsst, that loyalty was never returned to me. Whenever I saw a logo for the company I worked for pop up, I clenched my fist and wished the worst upon them. I was not a good person for a bit. I wanted my suffering to be felt by all of them.

Then one day I woke up and realized I’d been given the best Christmas gift of all, a fresh start. Did I like my old job? Sure, it was good enough. But that was the caveat – it was good enough. My skills and talents are great, not good enough. Sure, my literary career is just in the infant stages, but I’ve achieved more already than most of the people who oversaw my unemployment ever will. Little did they know, they’d done me a favor.

On December 19th, Malice of the Cross released to the world. To say that it has been a rousing success is an understatement. People who I never dreamed of being in contact with not only read my book, but thought highly of it. I’m getting requests for the sequel. Another author took time out of his day to reach out to me to tell me that writing books is what I was meant to be doing. I wasn’t meant to sit in a cubicle all day, doing mindless work. No, I was meant to change the world through written word.

As I sit here today, in the New Year and type this post up, my feelings are still mixed. No one wants to be dumped, everyone wants to leave on their own terms. Yet, sometimes getting dumped by someone who never deserved you in the first place is all it takes for one to realize how much better off they’ll be.

“Greatness comes to those who believe they are great.”

And today, I don’t just believe I’m great. I know I am.


Jeremy is an award winning author, known for his series Drakovia and The Negative Man. You can find his books at

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The Negative Man: Dungeon Bay (Issue #3)


Issue #3 – The Arrival

**’Old’ Rich Shock**

Life was a hell of a lot simpler when I was dumb to the fact there were secret government facilities that committed crimes against humanity. No, after hearing Erin’s story and his follow up with President Whisnant, I was convinced we were living in some sort of sci-fi novel. “That might be the craziest shit I’ve ever heard.”

Andy, on the other hand, was rubbing his hands together like a kid in the candy store. “We’re so taking this job, gents!” he exclaimed. “There’s no way in Hell I’m missing an opportunity like this.”

Wade seemed to agree, too. “The chance to gain access to a supercomputer like that, that’s a game changer.”

Still, the decision fell back to me. If I said no, the group would respect my wishes. After all, I’d kept us relatively well off since our stint at Black Lagoon with the odd jobs we’d take here and there. In my mind, this was a high risk, low reward type of job. These were the kinds of jobs that got your ass tossed back into lock up.

That’s why I couldn’t believe I uttered this answer. “We’re in.”

With the acceptance of the job came the preparation phase. The first part would be a lot of Wade, breaking into a computer and everything. We’d be there for tactical support and to guard against whatever in God’s name was lurking in that place. Erin would have to handle the heavy lifting with that, as his Titan form would be our best line of defense.

Andy was crucial at this point. He was the one with the contacts in various lines of police work and even some old paramilitary groups. I reluctantly gave him the team’s check book while he made the rounds to see what weapons and body armor he could round up for us. He said he’d be back within a day or two with the best he could get.

Wade bundled up his lap top, a ton of flash drives, and various lines of cable. The night we were loading all of it up into the van, Andy returned with the goods. “I’m quite pleased with the bundle I was able to get us.”

I walked over to the car and he popped the trunk. “Shit, we’re not going to war you knucklehead.”

He was smiling from ear to ear though. “Maybe not in the underwater house of horrors, but you heard Erin. Once we get the coordinates, we’re going to the former Secretary of Defense’s black site. We’ll need all the guns and ammo we could get.”

Ugh, I hated it when he made a good point. Looking down at the cache of weaponry, it just reminded me how bad an idea this was. “Erin, can you tell me again why the President of the United States can’t tackle this project on his own? Why does he need us again?”

Something about his answer told me he was either making shit up or not being completely honest with me. Knowing Erin the way I did, I got the feeling it was the making shit up choice. “C’mon dude, he’s the president. He can’t be slumming around, doing shady stuff.”

Even if it was a b.s. answer, it was still a pretty rationalized one. “All I got to say is, if we get into any sort of trouble, he better be pardoning us a.s.a.p.”

The four of us piled into the van and we drove off into the night for Dungeon Bay. The roads were clear and the moon was high. It wasn’t long at all before we were pulling up to the dark, blue waters where the first part of our job would begin.

“Question,” Wade called out. “How does one get into an underwater facility?”

“Like this,” Erin said. He walked over to a rocky alcove and pulled back a portion of the rock wall. The smell of salty air hit my nose right away. “C’mon dudes, it’s not as bad as it looks.”

The moment my foot touched the damp metal stairs, I didn’t think this was bad – I thought it was terrible.


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The War on Christmas

It’s been some time since my last post and I get that. So instead of easing back in with a pretty tame post, I’m coming in guns a-blazin.’ We’re in peak holiday season right now, with Halloween being quite excellent, Thanksgiving in just a few days, and Christmas banging on the door wanting to come in. This should be a super happy time, right?



Thanks to this world of Debbie Downers we live with, over the past few weeks, I’ve had to endure people griping about Christmas. Sure, we don’t need stores putting out Christmas stuff in August, but if they decide to deck the halls in November, what’s the biggie? Oh, and don’t even get me started on these weirdos who continuously post “The Truth about Christmas” videos. Whenever I see one of these, all I can do is roll my eyes. 9/10 of these offenders have a blasted Christmas tree up in their house and enough lights to see from space! If you want to debunk Christmas so bad, don’t take part!

Phew – calm it down, Jeremy. Starting to get a little hot under the collar and all. The point is, I love Christmas. I will defend Christmas with everything I have and will enjoy decorating with my little guy each and every year. Hell, next year, I might just go full blasphemy and put up my Christmas decorations as soon as Halloween is over.

And if you don’t like it? Too bad, Blitzen.


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