Book Review – Emerald by CG Blade

You ever read a book that sucked you in so much that you were shocked to find yourself finishing it a few hours later?  Yeah, that happened to me with this book – Emerald by CG Blade.  If you’re not familiar with CG, he’s a hardcore sci-fi writer who’s Trinity Series is not to be missed.


Emerald is the third book in the series and carries over a lot of the same stylistics from Cobalt (book 1) and Crimson (book 2).  CG blends futuristic science fiction with facts, humor, and a sharp wit.  I love the way his books flow from one to another.  Plus there are his characters, and I emphasize the word characters.

I really don’t want to spoil the plot of the books for you, as reading them is most of the fun.  Know this though, the man has a warped, deranged style that makes reading his books like riding a very entertaining rollercoaster.  If you’re looking for a unique take on sci-fi, the Trinity Series might just be for you.

Here’s the link to his author page:



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    Thank you from the bottom of my cold, robotic, heart for this. You are da man!


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    You are truly a decent human and I enjoyed your DNA. XantheSDR33


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